Getting Girly…remember when?

One of my favorite things to do when I was little was sit in my mom’s bathroom and watch her put on her makeup in the morning. I would sit at her feet and in the full length mirror I’d pretend to put on my own makeup. But mostly I would just stare in awe at my beautiful mom and watch her do her makeup to perfection.

In high school and college I’d have those nights where I’d lock myself in the bathroom and play with makeup, maybe do a mask, or pedicure, you know…girly stuff.

And then I got married.

And had kids.

And now I can hardly find time to go to the bathroom by myself…scratch that, I almost NEVER go to the bathroom with the door closed…usually it’s barged open by two kids, and a dog.

But no more. I’m stepping up and I’m going to take time for myself – play with makeup, schedule a DIY pedicure every Sunday night, it’s on! Heck, I even bought a lip pencil and lipstick tonight! {celebrate!}

Helping me find a make up routine that’s both mom and Maui-living friendly is a friend from high school, Amanda, or Hapamanda as she’s known on the Internet. Amanda is a mom to two girls with a love for beauty. She’s lucky because she has a beautiful canvas to play with. She’s experimental but knows how to keep it real too, she gives me the best beauty tips you could ever ask for, last time she recommended me to get a laser hair removal and it was probably one of the best things I could have done.

Amanda recently made me a video of how I could do my daily makeup – light coverage and just enough makeup to feel put together. She made the following video for me for daytime makeup. To catch the second part on how to take it to night, click here.

Be sure to sign up for her channel and site – you’ll learn a ton and it’s fun sometimes to live through her and her amazing makeup treasure chest. Mahalo Amanda for inspiring me to take better care of myself and get back to being a tad bit girly.


  1. Oooo… I remember the days of make-up… miss that! One of these days will have to figure out a way to work it back into my days!

  2. Dania, we also have a Sephora on island now…danger, danger! :) I’m going to contact them about a tweet up!

  3. LOL. Reading your post reminds me that I’m a better mom and wife when I take time for myself. OK, DIY pedicure tonight. I actually just purchased some make up a few days ago in Honolulu. So I’m inspired. Now just trying to figure out what to do with that extra 10 pounds!

  4. Anne, I also LOVED this video of Amanda’s…so fun and got me hooked!

  5. OMG! I was totally into this video! And funny too – because you and are on the same wavelength. I did my own DIY mani yesterday with Mila. Bought some kicking new nail colors for myself and was thinking about the make up part of the scenario! Thanks for posting this video! Loving Amanda!

    Definitely over the whole throw everything together mom look. And I would LOVE a quiet moment in the bathroom. I don’t bother shutting the door half the time because Mila or the cat always try to get in and get annoyed if they can’t have total access to me.

    So fun Sarah! thanks!

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