How I came to live in this tiny beach shack in the middle of the Pacific ocean

the island of Lana'i from my lanai

Today marks the anniversary of when we went from dream to reality.

Check out my story, here!

It’s also my husband’s birthday…happy birthday to my partner in crime, my dream maker and the guy with the crazy idea to go look at real estate “just to check it out.”

(click on the link above and read my story…that last line will make sense, I promise :) )

Then come back here and share a dream of yours! This will be fun! Come on, don’t leave me hanging.

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  1. Hey Sarah!

    I’d love to connect with you (wouldn’t every soon-to-be-former-mainlander?)!
    We’re moving to Maui in November (right after two months in Europe). We are BEYOND excited and the smallest thing, getting our pets vaccinated, makes me giddy.

    I wanted to get your husband’s real estate info, you know, just so when we get there we can ‘check it out’!

    Lizzie :)

  2. Sarah, loved your story! Already living half of my dream: Hawaii. A few months ago I get to work on the other part: being a writer. Following in your footsteps!

  3. Aloha Sarah,
    My dream is to continue with my travel writing and earn enough money to support my lifestyle (and pay for two college educations.) Glad you followed your dream and landed in Maui. It was fun hanging out with you on the island you now call home.
    What a trip!

    • That is yet another thing about Maui that I love…so many cool people (like you!) come and visit so I get to see them without leaving home :)

      Have fun with those travels Nancy!

  4. Love the story! I know exactly what you mean about having your heart ache when having to leave!

  5. I LOVE this Sarah!!! So inspiring….I have always felt a pull towards Hawaii since I spent my whole life visiting almost 2 times a year as it was my Dad’s favorite family vacation spot. Ian and I never had the courage to do it, but we have definitely “looked into it” lol. Maybe someday we’ll get brave and follow our hearts. Thanks for sharing and reminding me to be present and follow your intuition. xoxo

    • We knew we wanted this when we visited Hawaii four times in a year and half :) People sorta chuckled when we said “we want to move to Hawaii” (don’t we all!) Greg was the one that opened the door for us, and then I happily (and nervously) walked through.

  6. Awesome blog! Thank you for sharing your story. Since my husband and I got married on Maui we have the same ache in our hearts to come back and live there. We constantly talk about how it’s going to be when we’re finally there. The only thing holding us back in southern California is the home we own and cannot sell for a few years. But we want to make our dreams a reality NOW before we start having children. I don’t know how we’ll do it but when there is a will there is a way. :-)

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