He’s about to lose his first tooth, and I’m having a moment

My son is just two months shy of being 7. He has yet to lose a tooth. He’s the only one in his class that hasn’t lost a tooth and he is always asking, “When will I lose a tooth mom?!” or pouts with a “I’m never gonna lose a tooth.”

It depends on his mood.

Well tonight he announced that his front tooth was indeed lose. Like really loose.

I felt it. My husband felt it. Even my daughter got her hands in there. It’s loose!

O.M.G. (hello, my first baby is old enough to get his “adult” teeth…weren’t we just getting in our molars…damn you, time…there you go again)

So there he sits wiggling the tooth with his fingers (me constantly reminding him to wash his hands), pushing it with his tongue and complaining that he can’t eat, but then eating purposefully so that his loose tooth gets barraged with food, and hopefully a little bit looser.

I can’t help but be a bit grossed out at this tooth touch-ery. The thought of him fiddling with this tooth that’s attached by ROOTS(!), makes me cringe. I am so old.  I know it was exciting when I was a kid. But now I realize just how much I was in my own little world when I was little doing the same thing.

I sit and think of the pain as this tooth is ripped out one wiggle, tongue push and meal at a time. Yes, if there ever was a doubt, I am a mom, full of worry and silly emotions at the thought of a first tooth coming out. I mean, I was there when that little sucker first broke through. I sat up sleepless night with him teething. And clapped in joy when I caught site of a tooth.

And now here we are, trying to rip it out. This is all so exciting…in the grossest of ways!


He lost it. While I was hitting spell check on this very post, he lost the first of his baby teeth! 11/13/11)



  1. This post really interests me a lot…Thanks for letting us know about this then…

  2. My front tooth was very lose and I would not let anyone touch me,I was about six. My dad was afraid I might swallow it so he finally talked me into letting him pull the tooth. A pair of pliers and yank,it was out. Then he sang to me the rest of the day,:”What ever happened to your two front teeth” so I had to smile. This was about 1953. I miss my dad.

    • I love that memory, Cassy!

      I’m realizing that losing those baby teeth is quite the event. Who knew it would effect me so much? I wonder if my mom felt the same way. Need to call her today…

  3. Am I a big sap for tearing up reading this?

  4. In Greece we would take our baby teeth and hide them in the cracks between the stones of walls. They were supposed to bring us luck…

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