Celebrate Small Business Saturday (link up!)

Did you know…Reusing your towel just once can save at least a load of laundry a week!  That’s a whole lotta of money, water, detergent use and energy that could be save (not to mention your sanity)!

In honor of Small Business Saturday I’m offering a deal on my Tag a Towels!

  • Are you a mom that’s sick of towels taking over the laundry pile?
  • Do you have the kids sharing a bathroom and are always hearing, “that’s not my towel” or “he used my towel! Gross!”
  • Does your hubby that steal your towel constantly (like mine!)?
  • Or maybe your wife is the one that never reuses her towel…which means money is running down the drain…fast!

Ok, so what cha waiting for? Get some Tag a Towels..and get them now with this ah-mazing sale!


Buy two packs of Tag a Towels and get $5 off plus FREE SHIPPING! That’s close to a 30% discount! BUY NOW!

Link Up!

Are you a small business based in Hawaii? Leave a link to your site, deal, blog below! Happy Small Biz Saturday!

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