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very bad mother

I grabbed that shiny bottle, cold from the refrigerator, where it was waiting for someone to imbibe. I popped it open. And then I brought it to my lips. Guzzling with the refrigerator still open, hiding behind the doors so no one could see me. I felt bad. I shouldn’t be guzzling. And from the bottle? Had winter vacation driven me to this? The foot tall bottle swung in the air as I tipped it all the way back and felt the last bits of bubbly dance on my taste buds. It was gone. A little hiccup … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday…New Years Wishes

Who else is excited that New Years Eve is on a Saturday? Yay! link up and see other wordless Wednesdays on Kristi's site, live and love...out loud … [Read more...]

it was a very good Christmas

the perfect way to end a perfect Christmas...out for a ride on my NEW bike! Here's to celebrating 2011 - all of it's accomplishments - and to starting anew! My job for the past three years recently came to an end. I wasn't prepared, it happened quickly. It was sorta like ripping off that band-aid on your little one's knee, it's best to do it fast. I'm now welcoming the ending of that three-year-long project and am celebrating the accomplishment of being part of a killer team that built a … [Read more...]

Mele Kalikimaka!

Sledding, Maui-style It's 75 degrees out, not a snowball in sight.  Hot Cocoa is enjoyed in the air conditioned coffee shop or a red & green shave ice is had instead.  Our town's Christmas tree is a Banyan...the largest Banyan in the U.S! We make sand angels instead of snow angels, we wear leis instead of scarves and Santa throws a shaka and rides in on an outrigger with sea turtles as his reindeer. That's Christmas in Hawaii! Mele Kalikimaka! click the triangle below to listen and sing … [Read more...]

tiny gifts

Today I realized a few tiny gifts that just made my day...these are my favorite kind of presents, you know the ones, they hit you by surprise and could have flown right past you if you hadn't slowed down to acknowledge them. Three tiny gifts... 1. my kid's art my son's glue drawing of tiny gifts (the inspiration for my oh so cool title to this post) 2. the grandma greatness Today I took my son to the doctor's for a check up. While I was waiting to pick up vitamins for him, an older woman … [Read more...]