tiny gifts

Today I realized a few tiny gifts that just made my day…these are my favorite kind of presents, you know the ones, they hit you by surprise and could have flown right past you if you hadn’t slowed down to acknowledge them.

Three tiny gifts…


1. my kid’s art

my son’s glue drawing of tiny gifts (the inspiration for my oh so cool title to this post)

2. the grandma greatness

Today I took my son to the doctor’s for a check up. While I was waiting to pick up vitamins for him, an older woman walked in. I peered around her to see Cameron when she stopped me and said…

“you have a really nice figure. Wish I was like that again!”

Now if that ain’t an early Christmas present, I don’t know what is. :) In my opinion a compliment like that from an older grandma by far surpasses one coming from a random guy. Am I showing my age?

That made my day.


3. forgotten recipes

How cool is this…we had a garage sale this past weekend and in our loot was a recipe book. The kind you fill out. I went to grab it and out fell a stack of loose recipe cards. They had been filled out nine years ago at my wedding shower by my closest friends and family.

It was so neat to see the handwriting of my friends and read their instructions. I can’t wait to try their recipes!

Your turn!
Name three tiny gifts that you realized today in the comments below!


  1. Three gifts that I got this year are all things that happened to me at work (MMMC):

    1) A very warm thank you from a soon to be mother at work. There were no transporters around and I helped her get her registration going.

    2) Got a hug from a complete stranger’s child at work just for being kind to him. (That made my knees buckle. He is a sweet child)

    3) Helped out a cardiac patient get to the ER from the new Lobby and saved his life. (His brother thanked me royally and got a hug from him at the ER cardiac room.)

    Gifts don’t have to be given in the form of money, toys, pens, etc. They can be anything Good and rewarding that happened to you. Happy Holidays and Happy News Years Everyone!

    • Jake, now THOSE are the gifts that make life all the better!! You are so lucky to have a job that’s rewarding in that way…you see things first hand, the real deal when people are so vulnerable. And you are such a great guy…they are lucky to have you there too! Happy Holidays!!

  2. Grandma Bettye says:

    1. Prayer Pajamas
    2. 2004 love poem from my Sweetie
    3 Puppie kisses from Tiga and Shiloh

  3. I love your son’s art works.
    My 3 gifts today are also 3 drawings from my 3 kids!
    Merry Christmas from Hawaii!

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