it was a very good Christmas

the perfect way to end a perfect Christmas…out for a ride on my NEW bike!

Here’s to celebrating 2011 – all of it’s accomplishments – and to starting anew!

My job for the past three years recently came to an end. I wasn’t prepared, it happened quickly. It was sorta like ripping off that band-aid on your little one’s knee, it’s best to do it fast.

I’m now welcoming the ending of that three-year-long project and am celebrating the accomplishment of being part of a killer team that built a thriving and successful business from nothing. I’m also really looking forward to focusing a bit more on ME in the new year. To have that space.  After all, I’ve got quite a lot going on.

So, it was time. It IS time..for me to shine!

(more on that and what I’ll be up to to come in another blog post…stay tuned! eek!)

Nevertheless, anytime something so big as a job or passion that you’ve been working on for over three years ends, it can send anyone reeling, spinning, and feeling a bit out of whack..especially right before the holidays (um, YEAH!). I didn’t write about it, which was hard. As a blogger and writer I wanted to share it all, but I couldn’t put my feelings into words.

But when Christmas came, all that went out the window. And it was time for family, time for PEACE, and a time to surround myself in nothing but love…and Legos…here are some highlights from yesterday.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and Christmas!

Happy Boxing Day!



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  1. Sarah, Where are you and your family on that bike ride? I am headed to Maui in a couple of weeks and that looks awesome!

  2. Change is hard, even if it was your choice and for the better. We get into our routines and expectations and when you blow it out of the water, it is unsettling, no matter what. I’ve felt completely out of whack for the last year!

    I’m excited for you and love that you are positive and willing to change (so many people aren’t). I think by nature you are a positive person so that is why it can be hard to write about the scariness of it…positive people naturally always look on & express the bright side (well, I’m that way anyways so I feel I can see the same in you). I’m looking forward to continue to follow you in your journey…

    • Oh Tania! That’s exactly why it was hard to write. I hate to be a downer and feel that positivity is so much more fun. But I did want to share that I too get scared & overwhelmed.

      I spoke with a friend today who said, “hey at least you get to go through this major change while living in Hawaii. Being here will help you regroup.”

      SO SO true!

  3. Have to add that I am so excited to witness you on your new adventure. You have gotten me through some pretty gnarly moments this past year and I seriously love you for that. Rock on sister.

  4. Love your new ride!! Such an awesome gift!
    We’re celebrating this week with Denis’ parents, so we will probably be walking around a lot in the green and COLD outdoors! Love it when you post pics of life in Maui….

  5. Congrats on the new adventure, Sarah! I know the feeling but I’m sure some truly EXCELLENT things are in store for you. Oh, and that stuff about it being your “time to shine”? In my opinion, you’re already shining bright!

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