very bad mother

I grabbed that shiny bottle, cold from the refrigerator, where it was waiting for someone to imbibe. I popped it open. And then I brought it to my lips. Guzzling with the refrigerator still open, hiding behind the doors so no one could see me.

I felt bad. I shouldn’t be guzzling. And from the bottle? Had winter vacation driven me to this?

The foot tall bottle swung in the air as I tipped it all the way back and felt the last bits of bubbly dance on my taste buds. It was gone. A little hiccup from the bubbles escaped.

And then I quickly and quietly went to the recycling bin and stashed it, for no one to find. I felt so gluttonous. So bad. What a lush…

(thank goodness I bought two, the kids would have so killed me if they knew I finished the last of it)

Happy New Year!


  1. I love your writing Sarah! Thanks for adding so many good vibes to the internets. :-)

  2. Haha! Funny post! That stuff IS really good for sure! :)

  3. That apple cider is TASTY! I don’t blame you whatsoever. You are not a bad mother, but rather a very smart mother…you bought two! LOL

    Happy New Year! I hope 2012 will bring you and your family happiness, good health, and wealth.

  4. Delicious. Shhh, no one will know. I’ll keep your secret…you, me and the entire world. Excuse me while I go check out my fridge…I’m thirsty now.

  5. You are hilarious! LOL. I love that stuff! Wish Mila would drink it!

  6. Haha too funny! You had me going there. I love that stuff too. Thanks for reminding me to get some

  7. It’s SO great!

  8. hehehe! love it. happy new year to you!

  9. Oh Mah God I love that stuff also! Gotta get 2 of the Costco packs though cause this stuff flows like Niagara Falls at my folks place hehe. Great stuff!

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