a-photo-a-day challenge, day 2: Breakfast #JANphotoaday

Today’s prompt in the #JANphotoaday challenge is breakfast. Sadly my breakfast of champions is coffee! Yeah, yeah, I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day…and so is my coffee! I take it with vanilla creamer. Yum!

Now, this photo isn’t just about a mug of joe though. It actually reveals all sorts of secrets about me…

  • That’s my site on the computer. It’s one of the first places I check in the morning while drinking my breakfast, I mean, coffee.
  • The mug handle is to the right…I’m a righty. But my son and husband are lefties. Pretty sure my daughter is a righty like her mom. Love how that worked out.
  • That mug is a freebie from the ABC store. You spend enough money and they give you free gifts like a mug or calendar. This mug was passed on to me by my mom and dad who used to live here. I should really start saving the ABC store receipts, I usually hand them off to tourists who are spending copious amounts at the store trying to get those $3 freebies.
  • That kitty is our good luck mojo, pointed towards the front door to bring us wealth…come on money! :)
  • Peeking in the back behind my computer to the left is a photo of me and my honey back in high school. We took that while at the Orange County Fair. We first met when I was a freshmen and he was a sophomore in our high school algebra class…it’s been an amazingly awesome ride growing together!
  • And my desk…it’s my love, simple, tropical, looks out over a big window where I can see plumerias, palm trees and the ocean.

So that’s my photo challenge for the day…so much more than breakfast!

Are you doing the #JANphotoaday challenge? Leave a comment below for me to come and comment on your pic of the day!


  1. It’s amazing how one photo can reveal a lot about a person. This is just not breakfast, but a walk down memory lane. That’s cute!

  2. What a cool little post. Who knew I could learn so much about you from a picture of your breakfast errr…coffee :)

  3. Nice to read all the stories behind the photo. Yey, we’re on out day 2! My photo was an apple. I actually had an apple pie but ate it all before I remembered I should have taken a photo – LOL! And yes, computer is part of the breakfast. This year I switched to chai tea latte from coffee but I still like coffee, not just as much as chai latte at this time :)

    • I’ve been doing Chai lattes too! As long as it’s warm in the a.m. I’m all over it..coffee, cocoa, tea.

      I love how your apple next to your apple computer played out in today’s photo Liza!

  4. Love this, Sarah! :)

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