These are a few of my favorite things #janphotoaday

The latest two prompts for the #JANphotoaday challenge were something that made us smile and something that was a favorite of ours.

something that makes me smile

We do this first thing quite often and it never ceases to help me wind down, chill out, take a breather and just smile. Going for walks with my family is where many of our memories are created. I love that the weather on Maui let’s us do this pretty much year round on any day. If it’s raining up North we just head to Lahaina Town or Launiupoko. If it’s too hot in Lahaina Town we head North to Kapalua for cooler temps and pine trees.

Ah, Maui, mahalo nui for your awesome ways.

one of my favorite things

My second photo is of one of my absolute favorite things to do…hang, lounge, read, talk on the phone, hold my kids…on the hammock. If you do not have a hammock, get one stat! It doesn’t have to be fancy, heck you could put it in your basement during the winter if you need to, just get one. It has super healing and relaxing powers, I swear :)

What’s your favorite thing or what makes you smile? Share in the comments below!


  1. I love a hammock and was so close to ordering a beauty on gilt and then…I remembered…abby gail, the pointer pup, aka, the chewer. An image of massive destruction and string all over the yard flashed in my head as I was just about to click submit. Thus no hammock until I’m ready to fence within the fence it in (kind of like me in a kennel with her looking in?).

    • oh Tania, that’s funny…sometimes you do just have to fence yourself in to get a little peace (from the kids, the dog, calls, emails…you get the picture ;) )

  2. I love having a hammock. Unfortunately at the moment I am hammockless. Think I need to rectify that.

  3. I’m hammock challenged. It takes me three tries before I get comfortable. HAHA. Your hammock looks beautiful.

    I’m always amazed by Hawai’i’s weather. I totally agree with you, one side of the island can be raining and cold, but on the other is blazing hot.

    I love the picture of you and your daughter holding hands. That’s too cute!

  4. Love these pics. Our family likes to take walks too – around the block, at the park, wherever. It’s so nice to hang out and talk story without distractions and enjoy the beauty of Maui.

  5. Amanda, do another pic of him but do it differently!

  6. I too like a hammock, but I prefer a porch swing really. Maybe it’s the Southern girl in me. :) There were a lot of favorite things to choose from today, as there were a lot of options for the other themes as well. I wonder if we can use one twice. LOL I used my bf for the “Something I adore,” but the Love theme is coming up too. Oops. LOL

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