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Last week I think I may have had coffee with Super Mom. I know, I know, no such thing right? Hmmm, I’m not so sure.

She was an all-natural beauty, with a seven month old sitting on her lap as she went into all of the many things she was doing, and I mean really doing…she had a zillion projects and products going on. She also home schools her six-year-old son (he’s learning French and violin!) and has yet another child that’s two. She was one of the most amazing and real people I’ve ever met…nice, caring, fresh and inspiring.

Super Mom, Super Woman. Yeah, I had coffee with her.

What was so SUPER about this mom though, wasn’t that she had a zillion things going on, it was that each was a passion of hers. She couldn’t speak about them fast enough. That passion was so loud and so contagious.

Ah, passion! You are so amazing! I {heart} you.

It got me thinking, as we both laughed at all the many things we have going on and all the things that are on the back burner (there were a lot of those too)…

“I need to make sense of this all. I need to clear the clutter, pick my passions and then keep it simple stupid.”

I am not a Super Mom. I’m not a Super Woman. But I AM Super Sarah..I know my boundaries, I know my passions, my loves, what turns me on, what gets me excited and what gets me DOING a project, not just thinking about it.

So I’m going to do more of THAT.

Over the weekend I had to write ten articles for a magazine that I contribute to. Ten articles are a lot and yes I procrastinated and left them all to do in one day – hey, I work better that way. But what was so amazing was that while I was writing my heart out, my fingers tapping crazily on the keyboard, was that I realized I LOVED it. I LOVED writing these shorter articles about crafts and parenting and women issues.

It ignited a new fuse in me.

Find your Super

I know we may all have those days where we can’t get ourselves going. It’s not that we’re bored and have nothing to do, sometimes it’s that we have TOO much to do. Too many ideas. Too many meetings. Too many commitments.

As you get back into the routine in the new year, with all of those new resolutions and goals, make sure you take note of what gets you excited, what gets your fuse burning, what you are truly passionate about. And then go for it! The sky is the limit…

Then let yourself be the Super You, and fly.

What projects are you taking on that truly make you smile? Share your passions in the comments below, I’d love to hear them!


  1. It’s important to remember that you are Super, no matter what it seems like life is throwing at you next! And even if it really IS throwing it at you, and even if it knocks you down, y’gotta stand up, grit your teeth and say “This ain’t no kryptonite”.

    That’s how I try to live, anyways.

  2. Yes! Cheers to superness! My BRAVE list is on the same wave! What mag do you contribute to? I’d love to read your work!

    • Hey Corinne! I write for a local mag, Maui Family Magazine. Check it out!
      On my goals this year is to be published in a national magazine. I did get Ohana Mama is American Baby magazine but I want an article from me in there! Here’s to 2012! :)

  3. Isn’t this what life is all about? Figuring out what turns us on, and tunes us in to the best of ourselves? I’m still searching for that electricity in my life, but I’m enjoying the journey.

  4. Wonderful post and you are realizing this earlier in life than I did (good for you!). It is why I put myself out there and work like crazy on my blog and writing… Also exactly why my resolutions are not addressing what I’m doing wrong but expanding what I’m doing right.

  5. What an inspirational post! Thanks for the encouragement. I need it from time to time.

    Good job on writing 10 articles over the weekend. I know what you mean by writing on deadline, I do that same thing as well. I would like to think my articles comes out better, but I think my editor would argue with me about that. HAHA

    I think you are SUPER duper woman!

  6. Sarah you are SUPER!!! What an inspirational post. Loving what you do is such a gift not only to yourself but to those around you and to all those who will read your articles!

  7. Hi Sarah-
    My super- you know, writing too! A few super moms and I just started a blog and in the process, much like yourself I had that moment where I thought, there are so many things I love, but writing, really getting into the meat of what’s on my mind and entering that flow makes me feel like I am flying- fingers across the keyboard and all.
    What I really like about what you had to say in your post is that we’re super____fill in with our own name- Because we can really only know ourselves through doing what it is we love-not the thing that ignites the heart of another.
    Thanks for the connection, in a cool way your post totally affirmed what I’d been thinking about!

    • yes! being ourselves and true to ourselves is what makes us SUPER! No one else can be you! Here’s to getting lost in writing in 2012 :)

  8. Thanks for this post Sarah! I’m totally in the mood to get my groove on!! Two little kiblets, full-time work at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and my own business. With the birth of my second son this past May, I have to say each one of these seemed to suffer. I didn’t feel like a super mom, super employee, or super business owner, BUT….. my little guys are happy, healthy, and flourishing; work @ SIO is crazy busy, but rewarding; and I’m about to (hopefully) enter into a partnership to try and launch the business so I say… Bring it on and hope to find my Super Me! Thanks for the inspiration :)

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