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Before my workload changed at the end of last year, I was about to put my daughter in preschool full-time, 5 days a week. She already went M,W,F, and loved it, so it seemed like a good thing to do.

See, with me working at home, she spent far too much time in front of the tv or in play land by herself with spurts of me. I’d get her hooked up with an activity or have her at my feet but the quality wasn’t there, honestly. No matter how flexible working from home seems, I was on someone else’s time.

However, with my new-found freedom of running my own business and blog, on my own time, it gives me the opportunity to plan my week however I would like. So with the new year I declared that Tuesdays and Thursdays would be mommy and my little wahine time. Filled with crafts, outings and memory making.

So today after dropping off her big brother at school, we headed to get some art supplies to make some art! We spent all morning doing this, painting together.

I’m hoping to share our cool crafts and outings here on the blog…see two birds, one stone…and some really cool memories too! WIN! WIN! WIN!

Ohana Mama Gets Crafty: Tape Trees

We got this idea from a cool magazine I picked up over the weekend, “Create With Me, Artistic Adventures with Children.”

For this project, we grabbed some water color paper, water colors, masking tape and a table outside (because it’s nice to be outside and do art, right?!)

My daughter helped me make the tree out of tape and carefully rub it down on the edges – we used a spoon to make sure there were no gaps where the paint could slip under.

Then she started painting.

with her tape in place she started to paint #janphotoaday: childhood

What I love is that she could be super free to paint however she liked. There were no lines to stay in, no people or things to make look realistic. She was able to go with it.

She did see shapes in her strokes and loved how she could change the color by adding a little more water or mixing colors together. It was so fun. She even let me do a stroke of the paintbrush or two, with her directing which color to use and where to put it.

she was into it

We let her art dry in the Lahaina sun while she played me some music.

playing mom a tune and singing a song about a tree

Once all dry, we carefully started to peel off the masking tape. Her eyes lit up as the white tree started to take shape.

unveiling her tree

Squeals and oohs and aahs were let out. She was amazed that she had a made a tree!

her rainbow tree!

Here’s her brother’s after school creation too!

his palm tree

You can find the entire how-to at Valerie Deneen’s blog,


  1. ooohhhh, I just told my daughter about this fun art project. She and I colored from a coloring book the other day. She’s nearly 13 and it’s been a long time since I’ve colored, so when I grabbed her old coloring books she couldn’t believe that I just decided to color something! We had a blast.

  2. Oh, I LOVE these! So beautiful! And, I love Valerie’s blog, too! Super post- glad you’re in the DailyBuzz Top 9!

  3. This little girl has a talent! I told my husband to make a shirt for me with this kind of design. I love the idea. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  4. Loved your post and can completely relate. Working from home with little one’s is tough but well worth it. I have recently hired a sitter to come into our home so that I could work for a few hours in the morning each day. This way I get everything done and then have the afternoons free to spend with my boys. It’s great and has definitely helped in our home. The craft idea is great and we’ll be trying that soon!

  5. What a great idea! Tuesday & Thursday Waihine time! When I was younger, my dad would take me to the movies every Mondays (on his only day off). To this day, when ever we have some extra time, we go to the movies. I hold on to those memories very dearly. I bet your little one will too!

  6. Mila will love doing this! OMG! So cute!

  7. Sarah,
    What a great idea and good for you to opt to spend more time with your daughter instead of work! Looking forward to more crafts and ideas for time spent with the little ones.

  8. These are some of the best kinds of memories to make together. Of course brother had to make one too once he saw little sister’s cool tree! Love the shot of your daughter playing the ukelele.

  9. That sounds wonderful Sarah! Too often creativity gets pushed to the wayside.

  10. Totally stealing this…you crafty mommy! She did an awesome job.

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