Life lessons from a drive along the highway

Runners along MauiOn my way to TEDxMaui this past weekend (which was amazing and you can catch the replay here), I got stuck in a bit of slow traffic due to a marathon that was taking place along our two-lane highway. As I watched the people running I took note of what I could learn from them.

Here are three life lessons you can take from a marathoner.

1. Go at your own pace

While observing the runners, I saw distinct personalities and different ways that each person was accomplishing the same goal…to finish the marathon.

Some marathon goers were walking (and talking with friends), others were running at a slow pace and at a fast pace. Some had robotic walking moves and some were even stopping to take pictures along the way. But all were pointed in the same direction…the finish line.

Sure, not all would finish, but many would. Those that jogged, ran or walked like a robot. They would finish…at their own pace. They weren’t running anyone else’s marathon. It was just them, with their feet carrying them.

Life isn’t a race…and it all ends the same way, for all of us. Live your life, take part in the marathon, do it your way.

2. Have support, give support

Fill that life with people that support you, like the many people that lined the streets to give water to the runners. Or the spouses or friends that were following on bikes or cars and hooting and hollering.

Surround yourself with those that will be your water people, your support, your cheerleaders…no matter if you walk, run, or skip. And surround yourself with those that YOU can root on too and support and love.

The marathon of life is easier, and more fun, if you have support.

3. Curves, hills, and roadblocks…they happen

The Maui Oceanfront Marathon has hills and curves and cars all along the way. However, the marathoners persevered.

I thought to myself, “wow, they must be hot, choking on car fumes and exhausted on the Pali” (the curving uphill part of the marathon). But, they all kept going, one foot in front of the other, moving…towards that finish line…

Life has hills, and curves and unknown traffic that may stall you from time to time. But you’ve got to keep going and moving forward and actually find excitement in those things…the challenges! Now more than ever I want to go on the page and just her the car I have been wanting for ever.

So there you have it! Go forward, with support and do it your way! And enjoy…the marathon of life!



  1. Love the analogy! So true!

  2. You were taking photos on your cellphone with runners on the highway?

  3. Well said! It’s amazing what ordinary things we see can trigger in our minds and hearts. :)

  4. Well said Sarah, some thought provoking lessons to embrace every part that life brings you. Going at my own pace speaks to me right now. Thanks for the reminder. =)


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