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A monthly make-up treat, Birchbox

My friend and beauty blogger, Amanda turned me onto Birchbox. It's a monthly box (via free shipping! yes, even to Hawaii!) sent  to you every month. In this cute brown clad box? Well it's filled with cool sample size take-care-of-yourself goodies that any mama would love. The subscription service costs $10 a month and comes with "five hand-picked deluxe samples." It's a fun treat each month and you get to try things that you may not have bought those nail polish sticker-type … [Read more...]

The Secret Stops for Kids on the Road to Hana

This is a guest post by Paul farmer, who lives on Maui and is one of the cool members of the team behind R2H, a digital travel guide which takes you through one of the most amazing places on the planet, Hana on Maui. Tips for making The Road to Hana a trip your kids will talk about for the rest of their lives Myth: The Road to Hana is NOT for kids. Truth: The Road to Hana is possibly the most memorable trip you’ll ever take with your children. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking … [Read more...]

Cool Foodie Experiences on Maui

UPDATED: Sadly, David Paul's had to close their doors and are no longer around to do cooking classes.  When on vacation, food is a HUGE part of the experience. I think it's where you get to explore, go out of your comfort zone. It's where you can get a real sense of the culture, and where you can meet good people. Food has a way of bringing all that together, in a miraculous way. The following two foodie experiences, will do all that and more. Here are two off-the-beaten-path "foodie" things … [Read more...]

Pinned: 6 Crafty Valentines Ideas for Kids

We did not make a craft today. {Booooo} Fear not! We will be crafty this week, just not yet. So until then, here are some seriously sweet looking Valentines for kids to give you inspiration to get crafty on your own. We're going to make one of these...wanna help us choose? Leave a comment with your vote! Source: via Sarah on Pinterest Drop watercolor on heart-shaped paper. Then tip the heart to create colorful tracks. Source: via … [Read more...]

#FEBphotoaday Topics…Are you in?

The fun continues! has created prompts for a photo a day in February. It's only on day two so jump in! Share it on your blog, Facebook, twitter, name it! Just use the #FEBphotoaday hashtag so we can all find each other and see a different perspective! Come and say aloha on Instagram or Statigram online (I'm TheOhanaMama). Have fun!   … [Read more...]