#FEBphotoaday Topics…Are you in?

The fun continues! FatMumSlim.com has created prompts for a photo a day in February. It’s only on day two so jump in!

Share it on your blog, Facebook, twitter, Instagram…you name it! Just use the #FEBphotoaday hashtag so we can all find each other and see a different perspective!

Come and say aloha on Instagram or Statigram online (I’m TheOhanaMama). Have fun!

#FEBphotoaday #1 "My View" of beautiful Molokai

#FEBphotoaday #2 "Words" at the loading dock in Kahului


#FEBphotoaday topics


  1. Oohhh…I hope they have this in March too…can’t handle it right now, still in the middle of the busy season at work but this looks fun, especially with my bff, instagram.

    Great shots Sarah!

  2. I love your instagram photos. I want to heart them all! Good luck with February. I know you can handle it, no problem. I wish I could join, but I failed at January, I don’t think I can do February. LOL

    • I failed in January too..but shoots, when you fail you gotta get up and try again! :) I did do a photo a day just not what she prompted :) Here’s to new beginnings, even if you start in the middle, ha!

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