Pinned: 6 Crafty Valentines Ideas for Kids

We did not make a craft today. {Booooo}

Fear not! We will be crafty this week, just not yet.

So until then, here are some seriously sweet looking Valentines for kids to give you inspiration to get crafty on your own.

We’re going to make one of these…wanna help us choose? Leave a comment with your vote!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Drop watercolor on heart-shaped paper. Then tip the heart to create colorful tracks.


Painted stones

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest


Super Hero Valentines! (perfect for the boys!)


Love those owls…and a pencil, score!


Legos!! Crayons!! Lego Crayons= Rad!


Simple and sweet.

What’s your fave? Are you on Pinterest? Leave your username below too!


  1. These are great crafts to try with kids! Kids should also realize the true meaning of valentines day- to love everyone in your life!

  2. I vote for the rocks! I still have some my daughters painted when they were little.
    Another really fun thing to do with rocks is to bake them in the oven for an hour or so (can’t remember what temp),
    then let the kids take crayons and rub them on the rocks. The crayons melt into neat designs and harden as the rock cools. Of course you have to watch the kids carefully so they don’t burn themselves by accident. We still have some of those rocks too.

  3. I was JUST looking at those water-color hearts a little while ago! I think I’m gonna do this one soon. Great minds think alike :) So pretty!

  4. Love the rocks…and that’s something people would keep forever, no one ever seems to toss paperweight stuff.

    The owl is cute too! And I love the watercolor hearts.

  5. It’s so hard to choose! I like the whole painted rock idea. I’ll pick that one!

  6. Oooo… they all look awesome! I’m going to try the watercolour craft I think… maybe I’ll switch it up and do dinosaurs and trucks for my boys though… mind you, the oldest will still want to do hearts, so I guess some of those too! :)

    • Sheralyn, I’m leaning towards that too – easy for Leah to do for her larger class. And then the owls for my son, (he has a smaller class) :)

  7. Oooh, this is tricky, they’re all so great!
    Depends on mom’s energy, I suppose. But I would opt for the owls- good for girls and boys.
    Have fun!

  8. Love them all but I will go w/the watercolor:)
    I bet your kids will pick the superhero pop though:)
    Have fun creating

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