Meal Planning with Pinterest

In an effort to use my Pinterest addiction to really and truly help my life and family, I’m starting a new series. At the start of every week I’ll share my menu for the week ahead.

Here’s the cool part, it’s all from Pinterest, so you click through and pin it yourself and use it to find tasty treats for your family dinners.

Ready, let’s go!

Pinterest Meal Planning

Mondays can be a bit hectic so let’s go with a little crock pot action


Taco Tuesdays…with fish!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest


Wednesdays, let’s go a little veggie with Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps


Let’s spice up Thursdays with a little Coconut Curry Shrimp (I use the recipe on the back of the Thai Kitchen Red Curry paste jar…this was the closest I could find)

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest


Fridays are fun! Let’s do a Mexican Pizza that the kids can make themselves!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest


Saturday and Sunday are maybe eat out days or left overs or “find what we got and make something” days.

There you have it, Pinterest for the greater good! Do you like this new series? Got any awesome Pins for dinner ideas? Leave a comment below!


  1. I’m loving this idea! I’ll definitly be keeping my eye peeled b/c I’m always looking for a way to enable my pinterest addiction. SCORE!
    Heather Shields´s last blog post ..Be Still

  2. Anna Frewer says:

    Pinterest is REALLY growing in popularity. Awesome opportunity to learn how to best use it. Thanks!
    Anna Frewer´s last blog post and silver investment

  3. Fabulous! Sarah this Pinterest meal planning. What a way to go. Thank you for sharing with us. the food look delicious and easy to prepare. Merci ma cherie ! xoxoxoxo

  4. Man, Pinterest is the death of me! I just love all the DIYs, cool quotes, FOOD porn, and fashion! I think this is a great idea….I would to take a huge bite out of that fish taco right now. Man, I am so hungry!

    I’m thinking about making some coconut shrimp curry, because the picture looks so good. It’s set…that’s what I’m eating for tomorrow. LOL Thanks for the great idea!
    Jen´s last blog post ..Mixtape Mondays: Dream of the 90s (is the Life of Portland)

  5. The yummy food pictures are one of my favorite things about Pinterest! Are you really going to make all of this? I’m a little envious…save some for me ok? I thought I was the awesomest for cooking a whole two times last week :-)

    Great idea for a weekly feature!
    Tania´s last blog post ..Bloggy challenges…

  6. This is brilliant! Seriously you are a genius…I like how you are using your pinterest addiction for good ;) but also what a great way to make life easier. I can do this, shop on Monday and have the whole week planned ahead. I think you just changed my life.

  7. ok – like I needed another reason to love pinterest.

    This is great because I’ve been super bored with our menu lately – and this is a fabulous way to find some new ideas! Gotta love the 2 meals thing. I guess I’m not alone in that. It’s tough, I want to spice up Mila’s palette a bit…but that will come in time since she’s only 4 (well tomorrow she’s 4!!).

  8. It all looks so yummy! If only my kids would eat anything :) Well, I’m a bit picky myself so I guess I get it. Great series to start.
    Brittany {Mommy Words}´s last blog post ..This Acorn Makes me Squeal!

    • Thanks Brittany! Yeah, I need to add that my kids will probably only eat Monday and Friday..of the above meals. I’m known to make two meals, one for us and one for my kids of stuff they’ll eat…that’s a whole other post….ugh.
      Sarah´s last blog post ..Meal Planning with Pinterest

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