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I have this heavy feeling in my chest. It's anxiety but that good kind of anxiety, a 'happy-anxious' as I like to say. The kind that you feel when you look at your kids and you nearly burst at the seams with love, happiness and joy. It all started with this, when we went on an outrigger ride one Saturday. Just my keiki and me. My son had fallen in love with paddling on that day and declared that he wanted to take it up. Forget baseball, this Spring he was all about paddling. He asked about it … [Read more...]

Running from waves

Oh to be a kid again... Who am I kidding, because I have kids I get to be a kid again...and ride swings and play chase and get my hands dirty in paint and laugh and be silly... I am so thankful for these kiddos, the ones who bring out that kid in me.     … [Read more...]

Get Crafty! Water Colors & Crayons

My daughter and I tried a craft yesterday and it didn't work, however she did have fun mixing colors together and seeing how two colors made a new one. So what was to be window clings, turned into glue fun...somedays you just gotta roll with it... BUT, over the weekend we were headed to a birthday party and I didn't have a card. The kids were busy water-color painting when this idea struck me. Water Color & Crayon Fun I grabbed some thick card stock, water colors and a white … [Read more...]