Get Crafty! Water Colors & Crayons

My daughter and I tried a craft yesterday and it didn’t work, however she did have fun mixing colors together and seeing how two colors made a new one. So what was to be window clings, turned into glue fun…somedays you just gotta roll with it…

BUT, over the weekend we were headed to a birthday party and I didn’t have a card. The kids were busy water-color painting when this idea struck me.

Water Color & Crayon Fun

I grabbed some thick card stock, water colors and a white crayon.

In the corner of the paper I wrote a “Q” for the little girl’s initials in crayon.

Then I went to town and painted a quarter of the page with pretty pinks and purples

When I painted over the white crayon “Q” it magically appeared.

This blew my kid’s minds and they had to have in on the fun. The hard part was that because the crayon was white and the paper was white they couldn’t see where the letters were. But they too wrote and drew pictures and then ooh’d and ahh’d as their crayon drawing magically appeared.

Once the paint dried, I folded the quarter sheet into a little card, added a note, punched a hole and hung it on the gift. Viola!

This is a perfect mid-day art project with little clean up and the possibilities are endless. Another fun treat would be for Mom to color a bunch of things on a white piece of paper with white crayon and give it to the kids, not telling them you had written on it. Let them discover the fun with each swipe of the paint brush…like magic!

Give it a try today! Ready, set…get crafty! Like this post? Why not pin it (yes I’m shameless…)


  1. great idea. Im trying that this weekend. How fun and pretty.

  2. That is so cool! i’m gonna have to try that!

  3. Perfect for a snowy day!

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