Cat got your tongue?

Yeah, I’m talking to myself. I’m not a fan of “sorry I haven’t posted” posts. I find them silly and why remind your readers that you’ve been ignoring your blog? But to think of the reason why a blogger didn’t write…that’s where the story is. So this is a “sorry I haven’t written” blog post…and here is the story.

hanging with one of my little nephews in Cali

Two weeks ago I was planning a trip to Molokai with the fam. My only worry was what to do with our dog for a night. And then a call came. A family member near and very dear to me, had gotten some alarming news back from an MRI. Words like tumor, cyst, aneurysm, brain hemorrhage, 50/50 chance of survival, and surgery were all mentioned.

Within two hours I was packed and headed to the airport. In between that call and the drive, I folded laundry, laid out the kids clothes for school, made sure no clothes were stuck in the washing machine and reassured the kids that all was going be ok and I’d be back…with gifts…that seemed to make mommy going out of town so suddenly, and without them, ok.

I flew in to California from Maui, my sister from Michigan, we landed just minutes apart, met at the rental place and off we were two sisters, without kids, ready to run to see how one of our favorite people in the world was doing.

Fast forward after a three-hour sleep (who could sleep!) and there were spinal tap results (no blood, yay!), angiograms, MRI’s and a ruling out of a brain hemorrhage. hallelujah! We were relieved when we learned it would *only* be surgery to go into my loved ones head and take out a cyst the size of a golf ball along with a “suspicious” mass. We were relieved with this crazy and unreal news.

Five hours later and we were sitting in a waiting room overflowing with friends and family waiting for the hourly updates from the operating nurse (who turned out to be a friend of the family…and one of the many angels in this story). There we sat, catching up with old friends, hugging family, reading magazine after magazine and even trying to learn how to knit (not sure my nerves could take on the new task at the time). Five hours later we were comforted by the neurosurgeon who gave us a thumbs up that the surgery was successful and that the mass didn’t look cancerous.

{enter a little exhale here}

Four days passed spent at the hospital watching my loved one get better, heal up and miraculously walk out of the SICU and eventually home to his family.

Those four days spent with my immediate family, my core, the ones that knew me when I was a baby and before I was Mom, were insanely solidifying at such a crazy, out of this world moment. The entire event was a life-changer. A wake up call. A reminder that we are all vulnerable, immortal and that we’re also resilient, strong, and love and prayers do work…I believe.

{enter another HUGE exhale here}

So I haven’t written since all that. That’s something you should know about me, and it’s not the best trait as a blogger, but when personal things happen to me, I tend to go into hiding mode. Into survival, get off-of-the-computer-and-dive-into-LIFE, mode.

But I’m back…with lots of new news, a cool iPhone case review and some help for Maui visitors in an upcoming edition of “ask The Ohana Mama.”

So stay tuned…I’m getting back on the writing horse. Giddy-up!


  1. No life, nothing to write about. As a friend of mine says, nothing helps you go back to your “center” the way family can (hopefully not just ill ones). Good to hear everything turned out well, Sarah.

  2. Sarah,
    Wishing you and your family all the best!! So glad to hear all was ok and you were able to come together as a family. It’s crazy how sometimes it takes a terrifying experience to bring loved ones together.

  3. Big hugs to you Sarah… And I’m so relieved he is ok and the surgery went well. We never know when life is gonna throw a curve ball, when all the schedules, plans and obstacles get pushed aside because one single thing becomes the priority.

    I retreat as you do when I’m worried, upset or something has happened, socially and from the computer so I understand that.

  4. I’m so sorry love. I hope things are getting better.
    I envy the fact that I get to wake up and read your blog every morning with my coffee and I wish I could do that for my readers. Life definitely gets in the way of a blogger/YT lifer!!! Many hugs & Love xoxo Amanda
    Amanda´s last blog post ..ELF Free Shipping Link!!!

  5. This reminds me of my aunty who had a brain tumor the size of an orange. She was older…in her 60s when this happened but she was so resilient she defied all the doctors predictions. Before surgery she was supposed to be paralyzed and blind on her right side but she walked into surgery with perfect eyesight. It was crazy and amazing and inspiring.

    What was also amazing to us was how our family came together around her. I know that all those hearts praying for her really made a difference. Today she’s perfectly fine. Truly, family makes us stronger. Glad all is well.
    Ihilani´s last blog post ..back and ready for action!

  6. What a terrifying experience! But it also sounds miraculous and blessed all at the same time. I am so glad that the news received this far has been good and that he made it home safely and in such good condition! Continued prayers and good thoughts for you all!!
    Heather´s last blog post ..Let’s Meet

  7. Sarah, girl, I want to give you a big hug right now. I’m sorry to hear about this new, but I’m happy to hear that your love one is getting better. I’m so glad he/she was able to walk out of that hospital. In a way, kinda saying “screw you, disease, you ain’t taking me down.”

    I will be praying and sending positive thoughts to you and your whole family. You are my part of my blogging ohana, so I only want the best for you. I have a good feeling everything will work itself out. Be strong and welcome back home.
    Jen´s last blog post ..Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

    • Thanks so much Jen! You are the sweetest!
      I too have a good feeling that everything is gonna be alright :)

  8. WOW Sarah! Many tears reading this emotional blog. So glad this story had a happy ending!

    Love Ya,

  9. This post gave me a pit in my stomach…you’re so right…it’s the story we’re NOT reading when a blogger is too busy that is truly the concern. My brother had an accident at school when he was a senior that sent him to the ICU. Our family rushed to his side and did that exact waiting game that you just did. I cannot think of a more painful experience than worrying he would not make or that he would make it but live his life in a vegetative state. Thank God he survived and is his normal goofy self. I don’t know that we could have handled an alternative. So glad everything is working out!
    Kat´s last blog post ..Lessons From Disney

    • Thank heavens your brother was ok, Kat!

      I’ve sorta been spinning, having the reality of what we went through finally hitting me. I feel really really blessed that it turned out the way it did.

      Here’s to good health!

  10. Sarah-
    What a powerful post! Real-life is really what it is all about, right? Thank you for sharing such an intimate experience. But we all have times in our lives when we retreat deeply to tend to what needs our attention. We can relate, though your presence on the web was missed! Glad to hear all is okay.
    Blessings to you!
    Deirdre´s last blog post ..In the Mix Monday–Starting Seeds in Recycleables

  11. Wowza. I lived it with you and shared much the same recap with in-laws and closest friends and yet, STILL, I have tears in my eyes reading it.

    Mwah! Miss you terribly.

    • I know! I’m having serious family withdrawal. The circumstances sucked but the time I got with you guys was much needed! LOVE YOU!

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