I have this heavy feeling in my chest. It’s anxiety but that good kind of anxiety, a ‘happy-anxious’ as I like to say. The kind that you feel when you look at your kids and you nearly burst at the seams with love, happiness and joy.

It all started with this, when we went on an outrigger ride one Saturday. Just my keiki and me. My son had fallen in love with paddling on that day and declared that he wanted to take it up. Forget baseball, this Spring he was all about paddling. He asked about it often as we passed Canoe Beach daily on his way to school, “when is paddling again, mom?”

Months passed and finally sign ups came. He was still up for it. So we signed him up…and he’s still in love, now more than ever.

And me? I’m happy-anxious, watching my little man out in the big sea. He’s so grown up all of a sudden, So independent. (He’s not even wearing a life jacket for god’s sake!). But he LOVES it. He’s so happy, excited and energized after each practice. It’s SO neat to see him so in love.

This is why we moved here. To take on new challenges, find new loves, hang out in the warm ocean waters. It’s so awesome, you know, in that happy-anxious, fantastic, kind of way.

Here are some pics…

he's on that boat...without me...and making it go. {eek!}



  1. I’m the worrier, nervous, anxious and cautious type. If I were a mother (especially of an active boy) I’d likely have a nervous breakdown at some point :-)

    Canoe paddling is such a great activity to be in, good exercise, teamwork and a love of the ocean. You can see the joy in his face in the pic above.

  2. grama Coucou says:

    Outrigger canoe paddling, would be much more fun than base ball, especially for a 7years old and living in LaHaina. But ! I too, want to do canoe paddling on my next trip . My last canoe paddling was many moons ago , in Long Beach , California. CAN”T WAIT. Bisous bisous. grama Coucou. xoxoxoxoxo

  3. You make me wanna live in Lahaina!

  4. Awe, that’s so sweet! I think paddling is a great sport for young kids. Just think about all that energy he will be using up at every practice. I think it’s important for kids to play any sport, especially a team sport. I can’t wait to see his first competition via instagram. LOL

  5. There’s a Hawaiian paddling crew up here that practices at a lake near our house. I was JUST talking to Pat about getting Kainoa involved, but just not sure if he’s too young. Love your pictures and I love that he’s so eager to embrace a new activity! So much fun!

  6. Love this post! On our last trip, we checked into going on an outrigger canoe ride, but our youngest was too little to be allowed to go – can’t wait until both boys are old enough – it’ll be soooo fun! :)

  7. Wow!! GO CAm!!! That is so awesome. He is going to learn such amazing life skills doing that. Being a team, working together, taking ownership…wow. I’m just amazed. And go Mama for encouraging him and sharing the joy with him :) I look forward to updates!! xoxo

  8. I love stories of synchronicity: family moves to Hawaii, child takes up paddling, perhaps something he could have done on the mainland, but there seems to be something of spirit there…wonderful mom for supporting his interests!

    • There is definitively paddling on the mainland and we moved from a beach town to a beach town. But the water here is warm, paddling has such an amazing history here and they use Hawaiian words and teach the culture all along the way. It’s magical (my fave word for Hawaii).

      I have this feeling that if still on the mainland we’d be doing baseball and more the norm sports for a 7 year old. There’s something about this place that makes you want to jump into new things (especially when the water’s warm…did I mention that…the water is WARM!) :) lol

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