a message in a bottle

Saturday we headed to the beach late in the afternoon, after some laundry and dishes were done.

We found a spot right off of the highway, where the sand meets the pavement, and we parked it. There was a little teeny tiny bay made by a line of large rocks, with a tiny slice of beach. This is where we sat, watching the kids splash and dig in the black sand.

My son found half a coconut, realized it floated and quickly turned it into a sail boat. He’d throw it into the water and with each wave he’d see if it would get flipped over or “survive” the pounding. Most of the time it got flipped over which was met with a “Oh man, did you see that?!” from my son.

It was fun to watch.

As I was helping my little girl find a cozy spot in the bed of our truck so that she could lay down while watching the waves, I heard a shout…

“Mom! We found a message in a bottle!”

And there was my son, holding a plastic bottle with a tightly rolled up message inside. We all gasped, smiled and ooh’d and ahh’d over the site. There it was, a real message in a bottle!

We opened it up, slowly rolled it out and my husband read the note aloud.

It was from a girl named Rebecca, we’re not sure of her age, but her penmanship was excellent and she was from Germany visiting Hawaii on holiday. She asked us to send her a postcard of where the bottle was found and then to send the message back on its way for another person to find (and be delighted).

I had never found a message in a bottle before. It felt lucky, special, unique and mystical! To find a message in a bottle, one that had floated in the ocean, with infinite possibilities of where it would go, and for us to find it on that beach, on that late afternoon…it was nothing short of magical.


  1. I just came across this post and I had goose bumps while I was reading it. That is so amazing! We live on Oahu and I think the next time we’re at the beach we might try this. It would be so fun to see if we got anything back! :D

  2. That’s so awesome! Well, did you send her the postcard?

  3. Wow! How cool is that?! Maybe they could be pen pals. Wouldn’t that be neat to have a penpal from Germany?

  4. Sooooo…did you send a post card?!

  5. Such a great story, one your kids will always remember.

    I love the aloha slippas shot too!

  6. grama Coucou says:

    What a great gift, a fun day at the beach and finding a bottle with a message inside. The german girl will be so happy to get a post card from Cameron. This could be the beginning of a friendship. I would have loved to see Cameron ‘s face !!. Bisous bisous xoxoxoxoxo

  7. Love this. The postcard will make her day, regardless of where it’s from!

  8. Sharlene says:

    That is SO COOL!!!! I have sent messages out but have never actually had anyone respond. Certainly have never found one.

  9. magical about says it- wow too. life can be pretty sweet at times, ‘eh?!

  10. Wow, that’s pretty cool. the look on your son’s face while holding the bottle is the exact same look I had reading this post. I’ve never seen a message in a bottle before. My friend once found a message in the bottle in O’ahu from Japan. I thought that was kinda neat. I kinda want to write my own message in a bottle.

    • me too Jen! That would be so cool to get one from another country. My son shared it at his school today..he’s so excited about it!

  11. That is so exciting and a neat find for your family!

  12. Awesome! Choose an awesome post card. It’s like her vacation will never end if people keep sending her postcards from HI!

  13. That is magiCal!

  14. Wow! Your kids will surely never forget this, so special:)

  15. That is too stinkin cool! Wish we could come visit you!

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