maui fun: ziplining!

I did it!  I flew at 6,000 feet above ground without a helicopter, an airplane or a parachute. And I loved it!

A group of Maui social media lovers and myself were invited to fly like a bird at Piiholo Ranch. Located on the side of gorgeous Haleakala, we got suited up, hooked on to a zipline and then jumped off of a perfectly good spot that was safely on ground.

We went on a five-line course and each one was better than the last, with our final run being the highest, 6,000 feet above land, over a gorgeous valley and more than half a mile long!

The Piiholo Ranch crew were fantastic!  They were fun, knowledgeable and best of all, kept us safe! If you are looking to see a different side of Maui (and get that heart pumping!), check out Piiholo Ranch Ziplines.

Getting ready to fly (the hardhat went on right after this pic was taken). Oh! And you carry your own large, somewhat heavy zip throughout the course. Between that and climbing to the top of suspended stairs, it was the funnest workout ever.

You know you are having a good time when a helmet is involved.

The first run. Pshaw, it was nothin’…but FUN!

One of the suspended bridges to a super fun flying adventure

Yeah…I jumped off the cliff and only those lines kept me from really becoming one with nature. This was the highest, longest and my favorite of the ziplines!

Come on, you know you wanna zip…give Piiholo Ranch a call. Mahalo to their crew for a wonderful day!


  1. I haven’t been ziplining yet! I must do this. Great pics! :)

  2. Ok, first of all I will not be doing that :-) Am way to scared of heights (in a chronic anxiety I need a medication I’m gonna pass out way). But I still love looking at all the pics from people who did. So much beauty. One of my team at work did the one by the Tropical Plantation which looked so pretty as well and she mentioned it was so much longer (a series of lines) than she had expected.

    I love the pic of you in your “gear” You don’t look nervous at all, just happy and excited.

  3. Super Fun! It was great ziplining with you Sarah. That was a great day and for sure our family is going to do it again. I love the photos you selected to feature in your post a glimpse of not only the zipline but the bridges and the gears too. The swinging and climbing bridges were fun and the view is magnificent. Made me sing “the hills are alive with the sound of music” while I was up there waiting to do the last zip. Weeee! :)

    • It’s so cool that you got to do it with your daughter. She is gorgeous by the way! It was a fun outing! Let’s do more, more more! :)

  4. Monique says:

    Super brave my sweet daughter in law. I think that i might like… to try on my prochain visit. I did the parasail in Mexico. I won’t try bungeejump, but this one maybe. How does it feel when you slide along the wire?? Bisous bisous.xoxoxoxoxoxo

    • The ride is fast. They teach you signals for how to slow down and go faster. When you come in to “land” you hit this hard brake which is loud and startled me every time…other than the last run, when I didn’t make it to the landing and had to be towed in just a little. ;)

  5. YOU are SO brave! Though it does look breath takingly beautiful!

    • I’ve jumped out of a perfectly working plane before…twice :) This was nuthin…although I was a tad bit scared :) But it was so worth it and got better and better!

  6. OMG!!! That is so fantastic! I’ve always wanted to do zip-lining. It looks like so much fun and some-what safe…right? When I go to Maui, which I hope is soon, I’ll be sure to do this. Man, I have a full plate with the luau and now this. LOL

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