My Kayak Adventure at “Turtle Town” in Makena, Maui

maken beach, maui

This week started as all week’s should…on a kayak, floating on the gorgeous Pacific ocean, and swimming with the turles and fishes.

I woke up at 5:30 a.m. (without an alarm clock!) energized and excited to take an eco tour at the Makena Beach & Golf Resort. This is the best way to get over any case of Monday blues one may have.

Off on an adventure

getting ready for a kayak adventure on MauiI admit, while on the outside I was trying to be as cool as a cucumber and excited for my tour on those top kayaks, on the inside I was more like “oh my goodness, I’ve never been on a kayak, by myself, in the know where there are unpredicatable conditions…waves, currents, wind and oh yeah, big fish, like sharks….” I was just a wee bit scared.

But, I pulled on my big girl bikini, put on a life jacket, and off we went.

Once in the water, we paddled North to check out the historic and gorgeous Keawalai church. Our guide told us the history of this church and the surrounding areas of Makena.

We then moved North. Off went the life jacket, on went the snorkel gear. Our guide, Jay took great care of us (read: me….the other two writers on the trip were local to Maui, having grown up here their whole life which I think means they are officially mermaids and mermen).

While swimming we encountered three turtles. These beauties never cease to take my breathe away. The way they float on the surface and then glide through the sea, they are simply amazing.

With fish swimming below my dangling finned toes, my guide swam down, brought up a pencil sea urchin and shared how the ancient Hawaiians used to use these to write with. They’d pull of the points, dry them out and use them as a sort of chalk.

“This is how Maui should be seen.”

kayaking in turtle town, mauiThat’s what my guide Jay noted, and he’s so right. To look back on this amazing island from the ocean, with the gorgeous moutains hanging over us with lava tubes under our toes in the deep blue sea…it was definitely a fantastic Monday morning.

Want to go on your own Eco Kayak Tour?

Makena’s Eco Kayak Tour

Time: 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM  (check in 7:45 AM) , offered 7 days a week

Advance Reservation Required

Call Makena Beach & Golf Resort.

Age: This is great for those age 12 and above

Price: $75.00

Product Description: Guests enjoy a 2 hour eco-tour with an expereinced guide. The tour starts off with a  10 minute safety instruction, followed by a 30 minute scenic paddle and a Hawaiian culture introduction followed by a 45 min. snorkel at Makena’s “turtle town.” Guests learn about Makena’s history, Hawaiian Culture and values and about Maui’s endangered wildlife and reefs. Drinks, Snacks, and life jackets are provided. All guides are CPR and first aid certified (and they are SUPER friendly and just really cool people to talk story with*).

Mahalo nui to the Makena Resort for sending me on this tour gratis. The location and team are tops!


  1. OM Goodness. Amazing…photos of Maui- just what I needed this grey and cool day! Thanks for posting Sarah!

  2. Beautiful pics Sarah! It sounds like a blast but I’d be like you. All woo hoo until it’s time to go and then I’d be imagining tsunami like waves and hungry sharks. I love love love seeing turtles in the water with me. It is such a wonderful peaceful feeling.

    Thanks for sharing your kayak adventure with us.

  3. Sounds like fun! Another thing on my Maui to-do list! :)

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