Where do you….Get your car detailed?

This is part of a series here on The Ohana Mama where I share the places I frequent and love here on Maui. Most are in west Maui (Lahaina), as that is where I live. 

Here on Maui, especially in Lahaina, the sun is hot, hot, hot and it can do a number on your car’s paint job. That’s why I’m excited to share an awesome new service for anyone that has a car here on Maui. If you love your car, you’ve got to give it this treatment. More on that in a bit…

But first, I must say, in full disclosure, that if you see me driving on any given day you will see a car that has red dirt on it, probably sand on the back bumper from my husband’s surf session or yesterday’s walk on the beach with the kids, and more than likely there are water marks from getting caught in some intermittent showers up in Kapalua. Yup, our car really lives life here on Maui.

Because we work and love our cars so much (we really do!) I was very excited when a new service to west Maui approached me about doing a review.

JP’s Fanatical Detailing

Now, this is way more than detailing. Sure, we’ve all run our cars to the car wash, sat there and watched the car run through the machine and then be wiped down. It usually looks pretty good but that kid of car wash or detailing has nothing on JP’s!

When I dropped off our car we had just returned from a trip up to the west Maui mountains. This means our car was caked with red dirt, mud, dirt inside, outside, underneath, you name it, the car was d.i.r.t.y! It was so bad that I wanted to run it to the car wash before taking it to JP, but I thought, why not really test him. (yes, he loved me for that!).

So one Saturday we dropped off our car (note, JP offered to come pick it up, but his shop was on our way out), then we headed out for a day at the beach while my car went to JP’s spa. And that is what his service should be called..a car spa..and car saver!

See, we leave our car in our driveway, so it has the Maui sun constantly beating on it. JP uses this super high-tech stuff that literally wraps the car in a safety bubble. It’s like lacquer, or as JP called it, like a “nail polish for your car.” And I’ll tell you my car’s manicure never looked so good.

After a day with JP, my 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser looked brand new. Inside and out, it was clean, shiny and sparkled. The super great thing is that now when the car gets dirty, with red dirt, sand etc, we can run it through one of those gas station car washes and it gets restored to JP status. And when it rains on the car, the water beads up. It’s pretty phenomenal and we will be taking our love, I mean car, back to JP’s Fanatical Detailing at least a few times a year…after all, we work her hard!

If you are on island and are looking to make your car last in the hot Lahaina sun, I highly recommend you check out JP’s Fanatical Detailing.

Here’s a bit more on the super special high-tech Klasse, that JP uses, as told in his own words…

“To all of those people out there who are tired of how the relentless UV rays and elements beat on your car out here, the solution is at hand! What we do at JP’s is a complete restorative process to return your paint to its best possible condition, clear of any pollutants, contaminant or mineral deposits and then coat the car with “Klasse” ( an Acrylic based product that provides a protective barrier against the elements that lasts 4-6 months even in this climate!)”

Get in touch with JP’s Fanatical Detailing here. Let him know The Ohana Mama sent ya!

(I received my car spa gratis from JP for this review…all opinions, other than the quote, are mine)

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