singing in the car

singing in the car: embarrassing. beach disco: totally acceptable.

Are you a sing in the car kind of person? Do you belt it out? Hum it under your breath, wanting to let loose, but keeping it under wraps, trying not to move your lips?

I’m an in-the-car singer. It makes me happy. I especially love to sing with the kids in the car. This way other people can just think I’m talking to them. Although I have a feeling me dancing in my seat while at a stop lights sorta throws the notion that I’m just chatting with my kids out the window.

And in between my little man singing along with me…he thinks the tinted windows save him embarrassment….I get the “mom, you know people can see you” thrown my way. And to that I say, “I don’t care!” and then go back to it…

“…this is a part of me, that you’re never gonna ever take away from me….”

So…what kind of a sing-in-the-car person are you?


  1. Nana tutu says:

    Sing out loud and enjoy it! Do you ever thing it’s silly or crazy when you see someone belting it out in their car (some ppl, mostly men, drum beat the dashboard and steering wheel too). Actually if/when I’ve seen this happening in another car, it brings a smile to my face. So keep singing and spreading happiness.

  2. Nana tutu says:

    Brings back memories of singing in the car with you to/from Montessori, remember? “My Favorite Things” and “You are my Sunshine” ..these memories are just a few a of my favorite things. And now you and your keiki are making memories of your own.

  3. I forgot to tell you; I am a loud singer ( only in my car.)

  4. I love to sing in the car. Most of the time alone, because i can sing all my favorite french songs, the new and the old. I also have so much fun singing and dancing with my grand daugther Leah, she is so ” COOL”at 5 years of age.

  5. I looooove singing out loud in the car – but only when I am alone. Sometimes with my kids. But never with my husband :). I love singing but singing does not love me. I am terribly out of tune. That’s why I love to sing in the car by myself :)
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  6. I definitely a car singer! I belt it out! :0)

  7. I’m definitely a “Hum it under your breath, wanting to let loose, but keeping it under wraps, trying not to move your lips?” kind of girl… just can’t put it out of my mind that people can SEE me! lol

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