a million dollars and a shark

…..it’s early on a Saturday morning. A family of four have piled into their car and are headed to the little boy’s soccer game. He then has his first swim meet…

Dad: So remember to go after the ball. Don’t stop. Don’t wait for the ball to come to you. Go after it. Think of the ball as a million dollars and you have to deposit that million dollars into the bank…the goal is the bank. Get that million in the goal. You can pass the million dollars to your teammate to deposit it, but go after that million.

Son: Ok, got it.

He scored two goals in the first quater…cha ching!

…The family rushes from the soccer game and drives one hour to the boys first swim meet. Just one heat that will take 25 seconds…

Dad: Ok, go for it. Have fun. You can do it. Just swim as if a shark is behind you. Swim for your life. Just like soccer, don’t stop. Swim, swim, swim until you hit that wall…with your hand. Don’t let up early. Remember, a shark is behind you.

Son: Ok, got it.

…Although nervous (hello?! there’s a shark in that pool!) and not quite sure of the logistics (what the hell is a starting block?), he did it! He leaped and he swam and he didn’t do all that bad. 

Pictures are taken. Hugs, high fives and congrats are said. And then they pile back into their car and all head home… 

Happy Saturday!


  1. Great analogy, so fun to read it. My biggest High fives to Cameron.and Gregory, and for you ma cherie, first place for the story.

  2. Nana tutu says:

    Mahalo for sharing the events of your Saturday, is truly like we were sitting in the way-back of the car with you. Great advice Dad. Sounds like a wonderful day for Cam and the fam. Love the Instagram pics, just wish I could save them to our cloud to see them roll by again on the Apple TV screen saver. High fives to Cam and hugs to each of you.

  3. I just had to say, Sarah, what a fun and lovely snippet of life. Made me smile, my friend:) Well done! xo Thais
    Thais Zoe | Lucky Duck Living´s last blog post ..Feeling Blue? Happiness Is A Gift Sitting Right In Front Of You That Simply Needs To Be Opened!

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