fall in hawaii

It’s true that we don’t have snow or drastic colder temperatures as the holiday season approaches over here on Maui. But there are slight differences that those of us who live here feel and look forward too…

Like the sun setting more to the south, with more of it being sheltered behind the island of Lanai, making my house not as hot.

relaxing and reading as the sun sets

Like the trade winds picking up ever so slightly, making the dead fronds from summer fall off of our palms.

And the way the sun shines into our bedroom window in the morning, peeking behind rain clouds that hang over the West Maui mountains…

And how I start to do leaps through my living room as the excitement of the holidays over take me…yes I like to leap, dance and do a little sing-song voice, “I love Fall in Hawaii….”


  1. Love all the photos. The Kung foo one is PERFECT. Love you guys. Thank you Sarah your enjoyable Ohana Mama blog.

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