a walk around lahaina town

It’s Christmas weekend and the kids are out of school (eek)! We’re staying on island for the holidays, we do every year. It’s my favorite time of year here on Maui…there’s a breeze in the air, it rains a little more and the island buzzes with visitors. I love seeing palm trees covered in twinkling lights, hearing the sounds of ukuleles playing christmas songs and timing the buying of our Christmas tree…too early and it dies in the hot Lahaina sun, too late and there may be no trees to be had. It’s a very fun yet risky game each year.

Today we played tourists in our own backyard and took a walk around Lahaina town…

Oh Lahaina town how I love thee

We grabbed sandwiches at this tiny french coffee-house on Dickinson Street. I highly suggest the veggie sandwich…crusty, toasted bread with brie, tomatoes, onion, pepperoncinis. It’s so good.

We promised the kids ice cream after lunch so we went here. It’s right on the corner of Dickinson and Front Street.

We spotted the jolly guy doing one last peruse to see who’s been naughty or nice

We hung out with The Navigator

We went to prison…or at least the old prison on Prison Street. Evidently this was a busy place during the whaling years.

And we came home with a new ornament for our tree. Surfing santa rocks!

Enjoy your Christmas weekend!



  1. We might be in walking around Lahaina on Christmas Day playing tourist this year. We did our Christmas parties with friends this weekend because all of them have extended family here where they will celebrate together. Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    A Maui Blog´s last blog post ..A Merry Maui Christmas To You

  2. Love it- thanks for sharing a glimpse of Christmas where it isn’t cold. Every year we wonder, what would that be like? When it’s in the teens, it sounds pretty good to me! Sun, sun, all I want for Christmas is sun. Merry Christmas!!!
    P.S. We have a surfing Santa on our tree too ;)

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