Update! You + Me and a hot date talking about Maui…replay!

I had a ton of fun on my premier chat today on BlogTalkRadio. Boy, when I have a passion about something I can talk and talk and talk :) Hopefully all that talking will inspire you and help you if you have that dream of moving to Maui.

Here are some of the links I mentioned in the show:

I’m thinking of doing another one in a couple of week where it’s mostly all Q&A. But I’d need YOUR help…I’d love for you to call in so we could talk story live. What cha think? Let me know if you think that’s a good idea and I’ll plan it.

Here is the replay! Please leave any comments below!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story! I started listening to your radio show on Wednesday (13th) and by the time I finished listening on the 16th, I put in a request to relocate to my company’s Kihei office. I moved to DC from Atlanta and it is so overwhelming and chaotic here! I finally reached my limit and I asked to move to Maui. The move is something I have been thinking about since I first visited Maui last August. I’ve traveled all over the world and Maui is the only place that has even made me feel like I could stay forever. Sometimes a place just speaks to you. I listened…and I’m coming back. I found your husband’s website and I’m wondering, does he help with rentals? Also, I would love to hear your nitty-gritty details on moving :) I have a relocation budget from my company and so far I’ve gotten a quote from Royal Hawaiian and Pasha. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! I’ll be there by end of March… Feel free to email me any info. Thank you so much.

  2. Hi Sarah, I just finished listening and it was great. To be honest, I sometimes cringe at the increasing marketing of “live in Hawaii” that I see now on the web and with the new HGTV show, Hawaii Life. While I welcome and enjoy making friends who have moved here from elsewhere I do get concerned an unrealistic expectation of paradise is sometimes presented by the real estate industry. I also struggle with conflicts between various groups on Maui on the issues of development and what is the right path for Maui. It also concerns me when people do move here and make a strong effort to learn about Hawaiian history, which is important, but then ignore the rich cultural history of other ethnic groups in our melting pot or have no interest in understanding what life is truly like for many third and fourth generation local families.

    Listening to your podcast, I felt no such concerns. I could truly feel your passion for Hawaii and felt you offered a realistic and sensitive viewpoint. I had no idea that Hawaii called to you from a young age and completely appreciate that.

    Life in Hawaii is not easy and finding a job in certain occupations on the neighbor islands can be a challenge. I liked your point on if you want to make it happen, you need to expand your options. Btw, Hawaii always needs more pharmacists, we don’t have enough to fill all the positions :-)
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    • Thanks you so much Tania for listening and commenting. It means a ton to me!

      About that pharmacy mention….a family that goes to school with my son, their Dad is a pharmacist. He had to move to the mainland to find work and they would see each other every couple of months. He finally found a part time job a Costco but overall he said it was extremely tough to find a position on Maui. That’s why I mentioned that specific occupation.

      • Oh, that’s too bad for that family, they must miss him a lot. The situation must have changed a bit. It used to be Longs had to rotate pharmacists from Oahu to all the neighbor islands because they couldn’t get enough people. Maybe the pharmacy school on the Big Island has changed that. I know a few things changed after CVS bought Longs too.
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  3. I am listening to the replay of this show as I type this comment. I’m loving it! How fun that you are talking story on the air about MAUI! Needles to say we both are “Maui Lovers” – mahalo for the mention and the link. Looking forward to joining you in one of your episodes. Keep up the great and fun work Sarah!

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  4. I’m going to find this on iTunes. I tend to stream podcasts for at least part of the workday. It keeps me sane!

    • Awesome Tania! I love that blogtalkradio makes it easy for you to add it to itunes. I love to listen to things like this while doing dishes, with ear plugs in :)

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