How to make a thriller, filler, spiller container garden with the Home Depot

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.

How to make a thriller, filler, spiller container garden

Continuing on my green thumb journey, this time we’re gonna get our hands dirty and actually create a Thriller, Filler, Spiller container garden.

What is a Thriller, Filler, Spiller?

Let’s break it down….you will need three types of plants or flowers. All of my plants are annual but if you can find perennial flowers, that would be awesome!

Thriller: this is going to be your main flower, the show stopper and generally it’s the tallest of all three plants. I went with a purple Salvia for my thriller.

Filler: pretty self explanatory, this plant will be shorter than the thriller and will be used in between the thriller and spiller to add some pop. In my arrangement I’m using an orange Lantana.

Spiller: this is usually a crawling plant or flower that will hang over the edge of the container. I chose a pretty ground covering plant with tiny white flowers called Native Bacopa.

All of my plants are full-sun plants since we live in hot, hot Lahaina.

supplies for a thriller, filler, spiller container garden.jpg

Grab your supplies

  • Three flowers or plants (I went with two of the thrillers, three of the fillers and three of the spillers)
  • Soil
  • A container big enough for your plants (hint, choose your plants first, then your container)
  • I added some red cinder rocks for drainage
  • Maybe a cute assistant, in this instance my daughter gladly helped!

Let’s #DigIn!

If your container’s drainage hole hasn’t been popped open yet, do that (we almost missed this step!)

1. Put a thin layer of the red cinder rocks in the bottom of your container, these will help with drainage.

2. Next up, add the soil. Depending on how deep your container is, fill it up about one-third to half-way with soil.

3. Add in your tallest plant, the “thriller” I popped mine in the middle of the container, but you could put it towards the back of the container.

4. Next add a little more soil and then your “filler” plants.

5. Around the edge of the container, add your spillers. These will hang over the edge to soften the look of your container.

6. Add soil in between the plants and then give it a good watering. And ta-dah! You are done!

This is a pretty easy project and a great one to get the kids in on the action to dig in and get dirty!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.



  1. Show-stopping! Love the height contrasts. I am definitely going to try (in a few weeks) when planting season starts. Way to go!
    Deirdre´s last blog post ..Photo Friday Blog Hop #34

  2. Beautiful container garden, Sarah! Can’t wait to meet up :)

    Jen´s last blog post ..Happy Aloha Friday!

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