The Ohana Mama wants to send you to BlogHer 2013 in Chicago

Giveaway! The Ohana Mama wants to send you to BlogHer 2013 in Chicago

Aloha! In honor of my five year blog-oversary and my new mini makeover, I want to send one of you to BlogHer 2013!

Here’s the skinny… I bought a ticket to BlogHer 2013 in Chicago but I’m unable to attend so I would LOVE to give my ticket away to someone that wants to go but may not have the moolah.

If you can get yourself to Chicago and find a couch of a relative to sleep on or can go in on a hotel with your blogging friends, then I’ve got your BlogHer Full Conference Pass.

I know it’s tough to find the money to go to conferences but I also know that they are a great way to connect with readers, mentors and potential partnerships for your blog.

I went to BlogHer in 09 and had a blast and I know you will too!

chicagoEnter to win a full conference pass to BlogHer 13 in Chicago, worth $407!

How to enter…use the rafflecopter below

  • Leave a comment below on why you want to go to BlogHer 2013 in Chicago.
  • Let’s keep it twitter style and keep all entries to about 140 characters.
  • If longer, you can post it on your site with a link back to this giveaway and then link to it in the comments below.
  • Share this giveaway post on Twitter, Facebook or pin this post for extra entries!

Giveaway closes at midnight on June 24, 2013

The small print: Sarah at  (that’s me!) is giving one Full Conference Pass to one reader to attend the BlogHer conference in Chicago, IL  (July  25-27 2013). The approximate value of the ticket is $407 USD, and does not include airfare, transportation, lodging or other trip expenses. Contest is open to Canadian and US residents only, and ends at midnight (Hawaii time), June  24, 2013. This giveaway is in no way connected to or sponsored by anyone but me, Sarah at TheOhanaMama, and is not endorsed or administered by the folks at BlogHer.

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  1. I can’t make it either, but just want to say, love the makeover & happy first day of summer!
    Deirdre´s last blog post ..Aloha Friday BLOG HOP

  2. What an amazing adventure the BlogHer conference would be! I’m in Michigan, so I could actually afford a trip to Chicago. Being a part of the far-flung creative/blogging community can be somewhat isolating when you’re not in a hub like NYC or LA, so attending a conference would be an incredible way to connect in person. You’re so sweet to be offering a ticket, thank you Sarah!
    Brittany | the Home Ground´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday

  3. KATIE KLEIN says:

    I am a newer blogger and have been dieing to attend a conference. I live in Chicago but with school and two kids cannot afford a ticket. I would love to go with you!!!!

  4. Admittedly I have been wanting to go but the cost has been…annoying. I met you at BlogHer 09 and so sorry you cannot make it again, but if given the chance I would love to go. At the very least I have a partner that would love to go, so MomDot would benefit. ThankyoU!!

    trisha´s last blog post ..I about lost my *beep*

  5. I’ve been blogging for over five years now and blogher has always been my dream conference to go to, but I’ve never been able to go. I’m from Michigan so getting to Chicago and having a place to stay is easy…I just don’t have the funds to actually get a ticket.

    Thank you for doing such an awesome thing!!!

  6. I am a new blogger so would love to connect with some pros!

  7. I have never been to a big conference like Blogher, but have REALLY wanted to attend. I know my blog could grow leaps and bounds by attending this conference.
    Jennifer H´s last blog post ..Comment on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Tee’s Review & Giveaway #spon by david basile

  8. I have never been to BlogHer and would love the opportunity to learn from some great voices (heard Pioneer Woman and Guy K will be there!) and be able to finally meet the brands I’ve worked with in person and network with some amazing bloggers.
    Marina´s last blog post ..5 Reasons To Watch Monsters University!

  9. I’ve never been to a conference, though I’ve been blogging for 10+ years at! I would love to meet more bloggers, try the amazing Chicago pizza and visit Navy Pier. I’m in OH, so this is an easy drive for me. Thanks so much for offering this giveaway!

  10. I went last year and had a fabulous time, minus my broken foot. This year however, with my husband losing his job being able to afford to go is really hard. I’m so sorry that you are unable to attend but I think what you are doing to pay it forward is fantastic. Thank you so much for this opportunity.
    Teresa F.´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday 6/19 ~ Summer Reading

  11. I would love to go I have been on the fence due to cost but if I won a ticket I am in for sure thanks!

  12. I’ve never been to BlogHer, but have been planning on going this year since it’s in Chicago and my family is there. (Hello, built in babysitting for the littles!) I would LOVE to go and connect with my blogging friends, make some new ones, and make some brand connections! It’s a bummer that you can’t go now, but I have to say you are so sweet for offering up your ticket as a giveaway. ♥

  13. I haven’t been to BlogHer, or any other conference for that matter, in the 6 years I’ve been blogging. It definitely hasn’t been an option that past two years because of our adoption expenses, but if I had a free ticket it would be a great excuse to go!
    Emily´s last blog post ..#ImHavingTheirBaby Docu-series Returns For a Second Season

  14. I’m new to blogging but would love to attend this conference! Meeting new people and networking is one of my favorite things to do.
    Stephanie R´s last blog post ..Destin Snorkel & Snuba

  15. I’m dying to go but money has been so tight it just wasn’t in the cards. This would be my only shot to go. Thank you so much for the opportunity.
    Jessi´s last blog post ..All for Hope by Olivia Hardin Book Review

  16. As a (perpetually broke!) college student, I’ve always wanted to attend but haven’t had the means to do so. Perhaps this year is the year? :)

  17. Wow, awesome giveaway Sarah! I’ve actually never been to Blogher but would love to go! The new design looks AH-mazing too, love it! xoxo, Megan
    Megan´s last blog post ..Circus Sensations and Sing-alongs at Teatro ZinZanni’s King’s Wish!

  18. I would love to go to Blogher! My friend Jamie has been begging me to go with her as she already has the hotel room and we are only about 90 miles away. I just can’t find the money right now! I am new to blogging and just started my website and I know I would learn so much there. It would be an amazing opportunity!

  19. I’d love to win this as I am starting to really get serious about my blog as my “business” and would love to learn how to build it!
    Randi Sowders´s last blog post ..Thursday Lucy-isms

  20. I am new to blogging and sharing on social media. Going to blogher would be a great opportunity! I live 50 from Chicago. I’m ready to go! (PS my sister lives in Maui!)

  21. I would love to go because in five years of blogging I STILL have not been to a blogging conference. Blogher is a 3 hour drive for me so it would be really easy to go this year. I’d love to meet some of the people I’ve come to know in the the past five years.
    Cat Davis | Food Family & Finds´s last blog post ..Friday Food Finds

  22. I would be thrilled to be able to attend Blogher. I have never been to a blogging conference and sooooo want to go! BAD :) I just haven’t been able to fit one in, or afford the whole shebang. But, if my ticket was free I can swing the travel and stay.
    Please help a blogger conference newbie get her feet wet. I am not a new blogger, but have so much to learn and so bad want to learn at Blogher.
    By the way.. you are amazing for doing this.
    Sheila Thomas´s last blog post ..Getting Your Small Business Known

  23. Connect with old friends, make new. Hang with people who “get it”. Learn new blogging skills. Cross visit Chicago off bucket list. Have fun
    Michelle C´s last blog post ..Scott Hawaii Twitter Party

  24. how wonderful of you to do this! I want to go because this will be my first blogger conference. I just did my first blogger conference locally only 2 months ago, first conference ever since I became a blogger and going to BlogHer will be incredible. I get to meet people in real life that I’ve been working with for over a year, connect in person and more who wouldn’t want to go :)
    Michelle Sutter´s last blog post ..Big Head Bob Giveaway Blogger Sign Ups

  25. I live in Alabama, and have tried several times to make it BlogHer, but it hasn’t ever worked out. and now that I am available, I don’t have a ticket.
    I would absolutely love to go.
    B Smith´s last blog post ..For the love of seasoned stoneware

  26. Being from Canada our options for blogging conferences are limited. I would love to go so I can learn as much as I can and pass along the information.

    Thank you so much for the oppurtunity.
    Katrina´s last blog post ..iPad with Retina Display Giveaway

  27. ValerieL says:

    I’ve been on the fence this year to purchase a ticket as finances are tight. And it’s killing me as I live in the suburbs of Chicago and want to go! Thanks for the opportunity!

  28. I would love to attend BlogHer. I have wanted to go since 2006 but haven’t had the opportunity to purchase a ticket and get everything in order. Since I am close to Chicago this is a really good year for me to go to BlogHer. I’d love to network and meet some brands.
    Bobbie McKeefry´s last blog post ..I’m An Official Verizon Saver Voices Blogger #VZWVoices #Save

  29. Amber Schultz says:

    I’m a newbie blogger whose son was born last year with a heart defect. Still paying off his hospital stay and heart surgery and don’t have the cash for a ticket.

  30. Going to this conference would be a huge blessing for me because I needs a lot of help and understanding about the power of blogging and social media. I am determined to succeed!

  31. I would love to go to BlogHer because I would love to connect with brands, and other blogging buddies. It would be amazing! Thank you so much for the opportunity, and chance! I’ve never been on a plane so this would be a fun trip from Mass!

  32. Blogging buddings + brand connections = the best parts of Blogher. It’s in one of my favorite cities this year! Who wouldn’t want to go?

  33. Maggie Smith says:

    I live 5 hours from Chi-town and I have a brother in law that lives in the city. I’d love love love to attend.

    Thank you for your generosity. Sorry you can’t make it!

  34. Have my own blog and want to meet other blog friends, interact with sponsors and vendors.

  35. This is AWESOME! I am a hair and makeup artist who is the link between professionals, brands, bloggers. But I have not learned how to maximize my blog and reach more beauty lovers.

  36. Shannon MacGilvray says:

    I would love to attend BlogHer. I haven’t been in the past, but it looks like an amazing opportunity to network and learn more about the business of blogging.

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