o.m.g. Girl Scout Cookies are Coming!

I’m working with Mom It Forward and the Girl Scouts of America. The following is a compensated post, however all memories and opinions are my own. :)

When I was little I was a Girl Scouts of America Brownie. I wasn’t a Brownie for long and didn’t even get a uniform but for the short while that I was part of the organization I was given some pretty cool memories.

I remember being able to spend time learning and having fun with some of my absolute best girlfriends. I remember taking the train up to Los Angeles to visit the Children’s museum with my troop – it seemed SO cool to take the train! And I remember taking part in a cultural celebration where we did a dance – our country was Malaysia.

I remember that I wasn’t nervous as we performed. Instead I was confident, smiling ear to ear as my Brownie sisters and I danced like dragons. I think it was the confidence and friendships that the Girl Scouts gave me that helped me get through that performance.

I can still  remember afternoons after our troop meetings, sitting on a tree with my Brownie gals – them in their uniforms, me in my street clothes  - but none the less, we were having fun and creating memories.

So why all of this nostalgia?

Well, February 7th marks the start of National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend.

Yes, that means that Girl Scout cookies are coming!  Hooray, hallelujah, watch out!

What I LOVE about Girl Scout cookie time is of course the cookies but also that we have this uptick of young, female entrepreneurs out there learning life skills that will spark that inner business woman in them all. They learn skills such as goal setting, marketing, money handling, and people skills – all very important skills to learn.

Girl Scout Cookie Weekend

Here’s some more information about National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend

The Girls Scouts are having a huge shebang in New York City in Grand Central Station (how cool!) during this weekend and all across the nation troops will be celebrating and coming together to kick off cookie time.

There will even be a Twitter party if you can’t get out there to help celebrate with the Girl Scouts. You can follow the Girl Scouts on Twitter, along with the hashtag #cookieboss.

Speaking of #cookieboss, need to find out where you can get your hands on some yummy Girl Scout cookies? You can find out where those Samoas and Thin Mints (my fave) are by using the official Girl Scout Cookie Finder app, available free for iPhone or Android by visiting the newly refreshed official Girl Scout Cookie page at www.girlscoutcookies.org

For more cookie talk and Girl Scout fun follow them on Facebook and Pinterest!

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So I want to know.. what’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie? Share it the comments below. 

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