What to do on Maui when it’s raining

Rainy day on MauiIt’s rain and rainbow season on Maui… my favorite time of year. Don’t let that strike fear that your vacation will be a bust. Read on for tips of things to do on Maui when it rains.

I remember when we were coming to Maui for a visit and in between packing the diapers and bikinis, I checked the weather report only to find that it was supposed to be raining nearly our entire trip. I was bummed. Rain is not what you think of when planning a trip to paradise. No, umbrellas are not in your plans…unless they’re planted in the sand on the beach, or in a slice of pineapple hanging off of your lava flow cocktail.

First, let me make you feel a little at ease…every day, at some point, it will be raining on Maui. For example, it rains much much more in Hana or Kapalua than it does in Kihei or Lahaina. So your weather report may simply say rain, but be sure to narrow it down to the actual place you’ll be staying at or going to, to see the radar and if rain is indeed in store.

Now, if it is raining, no worries, there are fun things you can do. The first thing I would suggest is to chill and enjoy the warm Maui rain. It’s one of my favorite things to do and usually a rainbow soon follows. But if you’ve gotta get out, check out this fun list.

Things to do when it rains on Maui….

DO make it a foodie day

Eat your way around the island. Make it a foodie crawl day by visiting a different spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Throw in a stop for shave ice or Maui coffee to complete the experience.

Some ideas for a foodie tour  – Breakfast at Longhi’s in Lahaina or Wailea, followed by lunch at Flatbread Pizza in Paia and end it with dinner at either Monkeypod Kitchen in Wailea or Hula Grill in Kaanapali. Stop off for some yum Maui coffee or hot cocoa at local Maui Grown Coffee or shave ice at Ululani’s.

DO check out some history

Did you know that Lahaina Town was once the capital of Hawaii? In 1802, King Kamehameha made Lahaina the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom and it stayed that way for 50 years before the capital moved to Honolulu.

Head to the old Lahaina Courthouse by the banyan tree and check out all the rich history inside. There are tons of things to read about together and take an adventure to times past. Below the courthouse is also an old jail that now houses art.

Once done, hop in the car and go to Whaler’s Village in Kaanapali and check out the Whale Museum (located on the top floor off near the elevators). You can take an audio tour and learn so much cool things about the time Lahaina was a whaler’s village.

DO go swimming!

Yeah, sounds weird, right? But think about it, if it’s raining you are already getting wet so why not have fun in the pool. Usually our temps are still pretty warm even when it rains. This is a kid pleaser. Mom and Dad may want to hang under the palapa while the older kids swim, or just go for it and live a little and hop in with ’em.

Warning! DON’T go swimming in the ocean when it rains or right after. Rain can cause run-off which makes the water brown and murky. Not only can this put a bunch of junk into the water that you won’t want to be swimming in, but sharks like murky water. So yeah… no swimmy in the ocean when it rains or after, ok? OK.

DO get crafty

Check out these great places to take the little ones. It’s where the locals go and could make for great indoor fun, plus you could make some Maui friends!

Magenta Blvd: art classes(Lahaina)

Kid Zone Maui: gymnastics and tumbling fun(Lahaina)

Monkeypod Art Studio: crafts and hands-on fun galore(Wailuku)

DO go wine tasting (sans kids)

Without kids on this rainy day? Head to the Ulupalakua Winery in upcountry (note, it rains more up there but it’s still a really cool place to check out).

Follow up the wine tasting with lunch at Kula Lodge where you can sit by the fire, grab some hot cocoa and have some yummy french onion soup.

Remember, you can’t have rainbows without rain, so if it’s raining, more times than not it’ll get sunny shortly after and rainbows will start to appear.

Have something to add to this list? I’d love to hear it. Leave a comment below!

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  1. What about the maui ocean center as well. Or a great Malasadas adventure!!

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