Manifesting abundance

For me, essential oils are an amazing way for me to take time to very purposefully set my intentions. Young Living has some wonderful oils that are made to help manifest your dreams and goals. My fave at the moment is Abundance. One day I had just put Abundance on my wrists and on my chest. Afterwards, I was taking this photo when a text came in with great financial news we were waiting on. I read it and moved on. Afterwards, I put the two and two together... oh my gosh I had put abundance … [Read more...]

The Avocado Story

Yesterday I opened an avocado and it was perfect. If you love avocados, you'll understand that this is right up there with Christmas morning. It's a major win. So I took the pit out as I usually do, and like so many times before I thought to myself, "I should plant this seed to grow my own avocado tree. This pit would make perfect little avocados that I could pluck right from my yard." {enter dream sequence of me diving into a big bowl of perfect avocados...} Now, I've said this nearly … [Read more...]

The Journey of Blogher

Yesterday ended my journey at Blogher in Chicago.  I headed out on a 10+ hour trip back to beautiful Maui.  It was wonderful to watch the sunset over the airplane wing and then fly over all of the cane fields as we approached the Valley Isle.  The green is so green and the clouds clung to the side of Haleakala Volcano, as if hugging it.  The rush of plumeria scent as I came out of the plane, washed over me as if the breeze was putting a fresh lei around my neck to welcome me home.  It was … [Read more...]

My Trip to Blogher…literally

Wednesday my hubby dropped me off curbside at the kahului airport in Maui. After a tearful goodbye from my son and a kiss on my sleeping daughter's cheek, I was off. I did self check in, handed my bag off to be checked in and away I went to the gate.  Gate 7 to Los Angeles. I walked leisurely to the gate.  Found a seat and then tweeted my excitement for taking off to Blogher.  After an hour and a tearful phonecall with my husband and a few tweets saying I was homesick (i.e. emotional) … [Read more...]

Win a Vado!! {closed}

The winner is.... My sponsor, MomTv has given me TWO Vados to giveaway! One will be given away at the Blogher conference.  Be sure to follow me @TheOhanaMama on Twitter to find out how to win!  I'll announce it via twitter during the conference! And one will be given away right here on The Ohana Mama for anyone not attending Blogher. The Creative Vado Video Pocket Cameras is the official video camera of MomTv! Win one and start sharing your vloggs with all … [Read more...]