Hawaiian Word of the Day: Kuleana {responsibility}

I know that many of you share a love for Hawaii that runs deep. Many of you have either lived here before, dream of living here, you vacation here or maybe you just dream of vacationing here. Or, you may live on Maui or in the Aloha state. In any case, most of you share that spark that Hawaii has ignited. This post is for you! This is a call to action. To help keep Hawaii vibrant, with open land and beaches and to help sustain aloha. I went to TEDxMaui and am still replaying so many of the … [Read more...]

get crafty! homemade playdoh

Today we made homemade playdoh. I'm a bit ashamed to reveal that it was indeed my first time making it. I know that breaks some sort of mommy rule. But I also suspect that there are others out there just like me who have yet to make playdoh with their kids. Or you have but not in a long time. This tutorial is for all of you. To save you a little time, here are a few things I'm realizing as this new crafty me comes out... 1. Buy a couple of not so great pots and pans and baking sheets to do … [Read more...]

Calling all Hawaii Lovers…Let’s Buy Back the Beach!

I am so honored to again be part of the social media team for this year's Buy Back the Beach Event, happening at the Old Lahaina Luau on January 28th. If you are a fan of Hawaii and want to help preserve its land and beaches, then read more. Any and all donations are welcome, just support however you can...share this post, re-tweet the tweets, share on Facebook! Let's show Hawaii how much we love it! Even better? Come and be part of this event. The amazing music of Hapa will be filling … [Read more...]

Gifts for Hawaii Lovers

How's the holiday shopping going? We got our tree this past week, put the lights up on the house, and did some baking over the weekend. Yes, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Here are some cool finds for the Hawaii Lover in your life! Gifts for Hawaii Lovers It's so fitting that the abbreviation for the state of Hawaii is HI. That's how we roll...full of aloha and welcome! That's why I love the message of this simple but fun and positive brand, "HI I like you." When visiting Maui … [Read more...]

Celebrate Small Business Saturday (link up!)

Did you know...Reusing your towel just once can save at least a load of laundry a week!  That's a whole lotta of money, water, detergent use and energy that could be save (not to mention your sanity)! In honor of Small Business Saturday I'm offering a deal on my Tag a Towels! Are you a mom that's sick of towels taking over the laundry pile? Do you have the kids sharing a bathroom and are always hearing, "that's not my towel" or "he used my towel! Gross!" Does your hubby that steal … [Read more...]