Get Crafty! Water Colors & Crayons

My daughter and I tried a craft yesterday and it didn't work, however she did have fun mixing colors together and seeing how two colors made a new one. So what was to be window clings, turned into glue fun...somedays you just gotta roll with it... BUT, over the weekend we were headed to a birthday party and I didn't have a card. The kids were busy water-color painting when this idea struck me. Water Color & Crayon Fun I grabbed some thick card stock, water colors and a white … [Read more...]

Pinned: 6 Crafty Valentines Ideas for Kids

We did not make a craft today. {Booooo} Fear not! We will be crafty this week, just not yet. So until then, here are some seriously sweet looking Valentines for kids to give you inspiration to get crafty on your own. We're going to make one of these...wanna help us choose? Leave a comment with your vote! Source: via Sarah on Pinterest Drop watercolor on heart-shaped paper. Then tip the heart to create colorful tracks. Source: via … [Read more...]

Get crafty! Typography painting

We had plans to do a little screen printing on some shirts today but we didn't get started on a craft until late in the afternoon, so we went with this easy, fun and really cool painting project. Here's what you'll need... a canvas - we went with small square ones but this is going to be so cool when I do a BIG one for our wall. acrylic paints repositionable stick on letters (push them down hard for no bleeding...although ours bled and I think it looks cool) paint brushes (one to … [Read more...]

Get crafty for Chinese New Year…the year of the dragon!

I had an extra hand in today's craft, he had sniffles and a sore throat but he enjoyed it nonetheless. Today my daughter and seven-year old, together, made a perfect craft for celebrating the Chinese New Year and the year of the dragon. Here's how we transformed a couple of toilet paper roll and a paper towel roll inserts into a fun, flying dragon. What you'll need: Toilet paper and/or paper towel inserts. (We had two toilet paper inserts and then cut up one paper towel one for our … [Read more...]

get crafty! homemade playdoh

Today we made homemade playdoh. I'm a bit ashamed to reveal that it was indeed my first time making it. I know that breaks some sort of mommy rule. But I also suspect that there are others out there just like me who have yet to make playdoh with their kids. Or you have but not in a long time. This tutorial is for all of you. To save you a little time, here are a few things I'm realizing as this new crafty me comes out... 1. Buy a couple of not so great pots and pans and baking sheets to do … [Read more...]