My Kayak Adventure at “Turtle Town” in Makena, Maui

This week started as all week's should...on a kayak, floating on the gorgeous Pacific ocean, and swimming with the turles and fishes. I woke up at 5:30 a.m. (without an alarm clock!) energized and excited to take an eco tour at the Makena Beach & Golf Resort. This is the best way to get over any case of Monday blues one may have. Off on an adventure I admit, while on the outside I was trying to be as cool as a cucumber and excited for my tour on those top kayaks, on the inside I was … [Read more...]

maui fun: ziplining!

I did it!  I flew at 6,000 feet above ground without a helicopter, an airplane or a parachute. And I loved it! A group of Maui social media lovers and myself were invited to fly like a bird at Piiholo Ranch. Located on the side of gorgeous Haleakala, we got suited up, hooked on to a zipline and then jumped off of a perfectly good spot that was safely on ground. We went on a five-line course and each one was better than the last, with our final run being the highest, 6,000 feet above land, … [Read more...]

Our magical outrigger adventure

It was a sleepy Sunday morning, Lahaina town was still quiet, the water was glassy and there I was with my two kids ready to take on an adventure...paddling an outrigger off the Maui coast. When we arrived at the shore we were greeted with a line of beautiful outriggers, all sitting facing the ocean, a sign of respect, I was told. It was a perfect Sunday morning. And then it got even better. We met up with our guides, Vae and Michael who gave us a quick tutorial on paddling. We learned … [Read more...]

Cool Things to do with Tweens on Maui: Stand Up Paddling

Be sure to check out my other posts on "Things to do with Tweens on Maui" and share it on Twitter! Mahalo! Stand Up Paddling...or SUP to you and me I am a wife of a surfer so it pains me that I have to admit that I'm not the most adventurous person when it comes to certain water-related activities. Yes, I'm more of a sand spectator. I LOVE watching my husband surf but I'll admit I'm a wee bit afraid of waves, deep water and big swimming things in the sea. With that said, this past week I … [Read more...]

Cool Things to do with Tweens on Maui: Snorkeling

I get a lot of emails asking for things to do with the older kids, age 9-12 so I decided to do a series of cool tween activities on Maui. All of these things require participation which I believe equals more fun for the older kid who no longer needs mom & dad holding their hand but yet still needs a little guidance. Day 1 The Ritz Carlton's  Jean-Cousteau Ambassador of the Environment "Cities Under the Sea" This 2 1/2 hour experience meshes education, water fun and photography all into … [Read more...]