luau love: old lahaina luau

For more than a few, the Old Lahaina Luau is a must-do when they come visit the island of Maui. Some make it their first night's treat, others use it as a last hurrah before flying home. And then there are those of us that live on the island and our visiting friends have requested "take me to the best luau on Maui..." That is when we head to The Old Lahaina Luau... being welcomed to the old lahaina luau the beautiful ladies of the old lahaina luau our server - the staff takes … [Read more...]


Combing beaches for seaglass and's one of my absolute favorite things to do and puts me in my happy place. The kiddos that come and search with me? They make me pretty happy too. … [Read more...]


I have this heavy feeling in my chest. It's anxiety but that good kind of anxiety, a 'happy-anxious' as I like to say. The kind that you feel when you look at your kids and you nearly burst at the seams with love, happiness and joy. It all started with this, when we went on an outrigger ride one Saturday. Just my keiki and me. My son had fallen in love with paddling on that day and declared that he wanted to take it up. Forget baseball, this Spring he was all about paddling. He asked about it … [Read more...]

The Secret Stops for Kids on the Road to Hana

This is a guest post by Paul farmer, who lives on Maui and is one of the cool members of the team behind R2H, a digital travel guide which takes you through one of the most amazing places on the planet, Hana on Maui. Tips for making The Road to Hana a trip your kids will talk about for the rest of their lives Myth: The Road to Hana is NOT for kids. Truth: The Road to Hana is possibly the most memorable trip you’ll ever take with your children. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking … [Read more...]

Cool Foodie Experiences on Maui

UPDATED: Sadly, David Paul's had to close their doors and are no longer around to do cooking classes.  When on vacation, food is a HUGE part of the experience. I think it's where you get to explore, go out of your comfort zone. It's where you can get a real sense of the culture, and where you can meet good people. Food has a way of bringing all that together, in a miraculous way. The following two foodie experiences, will do all that and more. Here are two off-the-beaten-path "foodie" things … [Read more...]