Hawaiian Word of the Day: Kuleana {responsibility}

I know that many of you share a love for Hawaii that runs deep. Many of you have either lived here before, dream of living here, you vacation here or maybe you just dream of vacationing here. Or, you may live on Maui or in the Aloha state. In any case, most of you share that spark that Hawaii has ignited. This post is for you! This is a call to action. To help keep Hawaii vibrant, with open land and beaches and to help sustain aloha. I went to TEDxMaui and am still replaying so many of the … [Read more...]

I think I’ll go for a walk outside

Happy Aloha Friday! I hope you had an amazing week! It's whale season here! That means as you drive along the highway, travel to the beach or go for a hike you'll see whales spouting, flapping and breaching. It's amazing and I love to squeal and holler when I see them. So if you are here and you hear a mad woman squealing at the site of a whale, that's me. The other day we went for a walk after school and found a super secret location to watch the beautiful whales do their thing. It was … [Read more...]

Calling all Hawaii Lovers…Let’s Buy Back the Beach!

I am so honored to again be part of the social media team for this year's Buy Back the Beach Event, happening at the Old Lahaina Luau on January 28th. If you are a fan of Hawaii and want to help preserve its land and beaches, then read more. Any and all donations are welcome, just support however you can...share this post, re-tweet the tweets, share on Facebook! Let's show Hawaii how much we love it! Even better? Come and be part of this event. The amazing music of Hapa will be filling … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday…New Years Wishes

Who else is excited that New Years Eve is on a Saturday? Yay! link up and see other wordless Wednesdays on Kristi's site, live and love...out loud … [Read more...]

Mele Kalikimaka!

Sledding, Maui-style It's 75 degrees out, not a snowball in sight.  Hot Cocoa is enjoyed in the air conditioned coffee shop or a red & green shave ice is had instead.  Our town's Christmas tree is a Banyan...the largest Banyan in the U.S! We make sand angels instead of snow angels, we wear leis instead of scarves and Santa throws a shaka and rides in on an outrigger with sea turtles as his reindeer. That's Christmas in Hawaii! Mele Kalikimaka! click the triangle below to listen and sing … [Read more...]