Beautiful mama…jewelry giveaway from Duchess Catherine

Need a Fall pick-me-up? How about some pretty jewelry to inspire a little mama love. These dangling earrings will help you feel beautiful even when you're on day three of no-hair-washing and jeans & a t-shirt are calling your name (this is my fave outfit, actually). Did Someone Say Giveaway?! My friend and mama-to-be, Nicole is offering The Ohana Mama readers a chance to win these beautiful earrings from her etsy store, Duchess Catherine. Here's a little bit more about … [Read more...]

your smiling face

She can be quiet and even shy and then roar like a lion, with lionesque hair. She lights up my life each morning and helps me have sweet dreams at night. She looks nearly nothing like me but  yet in her I see myself. And she turns FIVE in just three short days... FIVE! WOW! … [Read more...]

she’s got a way about her

This post was supposed to be something totally different. But then I started going through my old photobucket account, the place where I used to house all of my photos when I was on mommy forums chatting about mommy stuff non stop. It houses nearly all the photos of when my son was a baby and when I was pregnant with my little girl. It's a blast from the past. It never ceases to amaze me how I can look back on days past with such rose-colored glasses. When I look at my old pictures I see a … [Read more...]

My Kayak Adventure at “Turtle Town” in Makena, Maui

This week started as all week's should...on a kayak, floating on the gorgeous Pacific ocean, and swimming with the turles and fishes. I woke up at 5:30 a.m. (without an alarm clock!) energized and excited to take an eco tour at the Makena Beach & Golf Resort. This is the best way to get over any case of Monday blues one may have. Off on an adventure I admit, while on the outside I was trying to be as cool as a cucumber and excited for my tour on those top kayaks, on the inside I was … [Read more...]

Vote for Hawaii and my ‘Paradise Found’ Better Home and Gardens scent

Aloha guys! I am so excited to announce that I was chosen as the blogger to represent Hawaii in the Better Home and Gardens' "What's Your State Fragrance" Sweepstakes! If you vote for my scent, I could win a trip to the Better Home and Garden's Headquarters! VOTE NOW: Give BHG Live Better's Facebook Page a "Like" Then hover over the state of Hawaii and click "VOTE" Go NOW! {thank you!} Here's the skinny... 51 bloggers, one from every state, were asked to head to Walmart and buy … [Read more...]