hey there: a day in the life

Oh hey there and aloha. Yup, it’s me, the girl who took off from blogging for nearly all of 2014. Don’t be fooled, I didn’t give up social media and the online world completely. I was still taking photos of our Maui life and sharing it here and here.

So I’ve been around. But I thought it was time that I hang some new pictures on my virtual wall here at home and say aloha to old friends. So here we are.


A day in the life of this maui mama


After an early work meeting, I hit Starbucks with the kids and the beach for 30 minutes. They built kingdoms that looked like crop circles while I combed the beach for baubles and ran along the shore to tire out my dog. It was a great way to start the day.


I was working when this fish went swimming by my desk. Snorkel gear, fins and a skateboard and this chick was in deep sea mode. Someone needed another trip to the beach!


In between trying to finish up some work stuff and remembering to turn on the rice cooker (yup, I had totally forgotten to turn it on after I filled it! Doh!), this beauty caught my eye. The island of Lanai always frames our sunset in the winter. I love it.

Wanna join in? I’d love to hear how your day went. Share in the comments below and say hello!

go on an adventure


go on an adventure maui travel

It doesn’t have to be far far away.

It can be the “slow” road, the longer route home from school drop off.

Or the highway along the shore.

It can be a stop off to watch the whales.

Or a hunt for sea glass.

Go on an adventure, big small, near, far, just do something different today. 

Happy aloha Friday!

A little somethin’ somethin’

I am so beyond honored that Dania of edible Hawaiian Islands Magazine asked the kids and I to be part of the Winter edition’s Keiki in the Kitchen feature.

Dania is such an amazing role model mom, business woman and kind soul. Mahalo Dania for including my ohana in your beautiful magazine.

edible Hawaiian Islands Magazine

If you love Hawaii and love food (hello, yes to BOTH!) then check out edible Hawaiian Islands Magazine. Each magazine is always a work of art (seriously, their cover photos are frame worthy) with great reads and scrumptious photos.

Go and take a look at the Winter edition and hang with us in the Kitchen (we’re on page 10). You can buy a subscription here.

edible Hawaiian Islands Magazine


it’s not just about maui…

The Ohana Mama, local mom blog in Maui

Maui. This place will tug at your heart. It will wrap you up with love, aloha, sun, and warmth. It will take you on adventures and lift you to new heights.

But when people want to move here, it’s not just about Maui.

When people write to me about moving to Maui I often think to myself about how it is so much more than just Maui, the place, the location, the plumeria, the aloha. Yes, that is all amazing, but wherever you go, there you are. 

So, it has to be more than just a change of location.

When people write to say they want to move to Maui, and they share how it’s their desire and dream and “one day” it will happen, I often say, “you can find that happiness where you are.”  In fact, you must find that happiness where you are, or else you will take that unhappiness with you all the way to little ol’ Maui. It’s just how it is, and I tell ya, being on an island, in a foreign land, no matter how glorious, it will bring up all your demons, all your fears, it will kick you in the ass and have you questioning everything…even if only for a fleeting moment, it will.

You can’t escape you.

My challenge to those that I meet on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter who say “I dream of moving to Maui” is to first find your own paradise, wherever you are now, right this very minute. Make where you are your paradise. Carry it with you day in and day out. The aloha spirit isn’t a place, it’s a feeling, a way of life and being.

Make your dream come true. The first step is being happy right there, right now.

Explore. Dream. Discover….yourself.

You won’t regret it, I promise.