Honolua Bay {West Maui}

honolua bay maui

A busy Honolua Bay. Surfers make me swoon (yes, I’m married to one!)

Here’s a fun little trip to take with the kids in West Maui. If you’ve been to West Maui but have stopped at Kaanapali or Kahana, you need to keep going!

I talk with a lot of people who say “Oh, I never went past Lahaina or Kaanapali” on their visit to Maui. Well, next time you are here, get in your car, pop on some music and drive further north, past Kaanapali, past Kahana, past Napili and even past Kapalua…to Honolua Bay.

Be mindful

Honolua Bay isn’t over run with tourist so I sort of wince when I see my fingers typing that you all should go. But I trust that you guys are good tourists, and lovers of Maui, so you will be responsible, kind and respectful no matter where you go, right?

Bottom line, be cool when you visit Maui or Hawaii. This place is sacred. {click to tweet!}

Let’s get you there

Once in West Maui, head north on Highway 30. Once past Kapalua, you’ll see that the speed limit dwindles down to about 25 and signs saying “Be pono” or respectful will pop up. A few curves past Fleming Beach, you’ll come upon to a look out over Honolua Bay.

In the winter the swell picks up and surfers crowd the water. This is a great spot to watch them, take a photo, and take in all the beauty. Across the bay you’ll be sure to see a lot of local cars parked (those are the surfers that are in the water). I’d leave that spot to only the locals, no need to go on the dirt road and clog it up.

honolua bay Maui

After you’ve taken a photo, taken in all the beauty, you can head a bit further North to actually go to the water in the bay. Again, be mindful and respectful. You’ll see signs that say this too. There is a small area where people park. Be sure to not leave valuables in your car, don’t park like a jerk (blocking anyone or taking up too much room), roll up the windows, lock your car and then head through the overgrown trees to the bay.

Honolua Bay Maui

Looking up at the gorgeous overgrown trees. Dragon Fruit has taken over and is growing from up above on this one.

As you walk, you will pass where an old church once stood, old Hawaiian rock walls and grave sites. Roosters will cocka-doodle-doo to you as they welcome you through the forest and then you will see the magnificent, gorgeous blue sea. The beach here isn’t sandy; it’s covered in rocks with overhanging trees for shade.

honolua bay roosters

The welcome committee

Now, when I recently went here with my son for an after school mini walk as we waited for his sister to do gymnastics, we saw a local man and his family having some food amidst the many roosters that were there.

I immediately waved, said hello and smiled – the sort of smile you do when you are saying “thank you for letting me into your home” He smiled back. I knew to be respectful, say aloha, say thank you with my eyes and smile. We took a few photos, checked out the surf and then returned back to our car.

Leave with what you brought in

Do not leave trash. Do not use sunscreen when in the water (so that you don’t kill the precious treasures in the sea). Be respectful, not loud and boisterous. Remember, this land is someone’s land. It’s not ours. You are entering someone’s home; think of it that way.

If you can’t tell, Honolua Bay is a very special place. Locals, visitors, kamaaina alike all want it to stay that way. So go see it, love it and respect it! Have fun!

The Ohana Mama’s Summer Survival

Maui Mom Blogger Keurig single coffee brew systems review

As summer approached, so did a rather large box on my doorstep. In it was what would soon be called my Summer Survival Kit.

This box didn’t house ready-to-eat meals, or bottled water or canned goods. It didn’t include a wind-up radio or even a bottle of Xanax. Instead, in this box was something very, very special, something that I think every Mom and Dad needs as summer break approaches…. a Keurig single brew coffee machine.

Thanks to the awesome folks at Staples, I was able to review a Keurig just in time for summer. Let me tell you, this baby has been working over time. In the morning I use it to crack open my eyes after late summer nights. And in the afternoon I use it to get through dinner and well, those late summer nights.

What’s great is that you can easily make iced coffee and even other treats in it such as lemonade. Yup, this baby has been running overtime, that is for sure.

Before Staples came to me with this review opportunity, I was a bit hesitant to get a Keurig. I’m a fan of the good ol French Press and I’m not really a fan of using all of those throw away coffee pods that Kuerigs use. In fact, that was the number one reason my husband and I hadn’t yet given into the Kuerig craze. We both drink 1-2 cups of coffee in the morning and we thought it was just too wasteful to go through so many plastic coffee pods.

Enter the reusable coffee pod. Once we went through the samples that Staples had sent us – Donut Shoppe coffee for us, hot cocoa for the kids – I was able to find reusable coffee pods at our local drug store. Now we’re able to use the incredibly awesome, ready-any-time, Keurig without the guilt. We simply buy our own coffee grounds, fill the reusable pods and get our coffee freak on whenever we please without having to brew an entire pot.

Here is a huge MAHALO to Keurig and Staples for helping me get through summer and for having alternatives to those pods. You are a life saver!


Punalau Beach (Windmills Beach) West Maui

Located past Honolua Bay as you travel north on the highway, Punalau Beach or Windmills Beach is a tucked away beach of white sand and pine trees.

We headed there to have a picnic at the beach, swing on a rope, make boats out of found bamboo and search for heart-shaped rocks.


photo (38)

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Maui Family Travel

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The Ohana Mama wants to send you to BlogHer 2013 in Chicago

Giveaway! The Ohana Mama wants to send you to BlogHer 2013 in Chicago

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