The Ohana Mama’s Summer Survival

Maui Mom Blogger Keurig single coffee brew systems review

As summer approached, so did a rather large box on my doorstep. In it was what would soon be called my Summer Survival Kit.

This box didn’t house ready-to-eat meals, or bottled water or canned goods. It didn’t include a wind-up radio or even a bottle of Xanax. Instead, in this box was something very, very special, something that I think every Mom and Dad needs as summer break approaches…. a Keurig single brew coffee machine.

Thanks to the awesome folks at Staples, I was able to review a Keurig just in time for summer. Let me tell you, this baby has been working over time. In the morning I use it to crack open my eyes after late summer nights. And in the afternoon I use it to get through dinner and well, those late summer nights.

What’s great is that you can easily make iced coffee and even other treats in it such as lemonade. Yup, this baby has been running overtime, that is for sure.

Before Staples came to me with this review opportunity, I was a bit hesitant to get a Keurig. I’m a fan of the good ol French Press and I’m not really a fan of using all of those throw away coffee pods that Kuerigs use. In fact, that was the number one reason my husband and I hadn’t yet given into the Kuerig craze. We both drink 1-2 cups of coffee in the morning and we thought it was just too wasteful to go through so many plastic coffee pods.

Enter the reusable coffee pod. Once we went through the samples that Staples had sent us – Donut Shoppe coffee for us, hot cocoa for the kids – I was able to find reusable coffee pods at our local drug store. Now we’re able to use the incredibly awesome, ready-any-time, Keurig without the guilt. We simply buy our own coffee grounds, fill the reusable pods and get our coffee freak on whenever we please without having to brew an entire pot.

Here is a huge MAHALO to Keurig and Staples for helping me get through summer and for having alternatives to those pods. You are a life saver!


Punalau Beach (Windmills Beach) West Maui

Located past Honolua Bay as you travel north on the highway, Punalau Beach or Windmills Beach is a tucked away beach of white sand and pine trees.

We headed there to have a picnic at the beach, swing on a rope, make boats out of found bamboo and search for heart-shaped rocks.


photo (38)

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Maui Family Travel

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Summer Fun: DIY Minecraft Costume

Minecraft…my son is obsessed and has officially commandeered the iPad to build worlds in Minecraft. I bet your kids are obsessed too and if they aren’t yet, they will be.

Be warned!

One day as I was working at our breakfast bar, I watched as my son went into the kitchen and grabbed two paper bags out from under the sink. Then he went into our crafty area of the kitchen and grabbed crayons. Lastly, he went into the drawer and out came a pair of scissors. That’s when I spoke up…

“What cha doing?”

Turns out he was making a Minecraft head to wear so that he could create a video.

“Hmmm, well that sounds cool” I thought to myself.

Five minutes later and he had made a pretty cool Minecraft head. Better yet, he also made one for his sister. We all headed downstairs and made Minecraft videos together, mom as the narrator and film crew and each child as one of the stars. It was so fun and the bloopers made us all roll in laughter.

Here’s a fun DIY to do with your kids this summer… 

diy minecraft costume

This costume is so easy and best of all, your little one can do most of it. What you will need:

  • A brown paper bag from the grocery store

  • Crayons – blue, white, red

  • Brown marker

  • Scissors

  • A blue t-shirt

  • jeans or blue pants

Step 1: Have your child cut the open, top part of the bag to make it more square in shape rather than rectangle.

Step 2: Use the blue and white crayons to make the eyes. Use the red crayon to make the nose and the brown marker to create the beard/mouth area.

Step 3: Cut holes for the eyes so your little one can see their way around.

Step 4: Throw on a blue shirt and jeans and ta-dah! You are done!

For extra coolness, create an ax to cut those trees, out of a paper towel roll and some aluminum foil.

Happy Summer!

it’s summer!


life is better at the beach

Why yes. yes it is! Here’s to beachy days, sandy floors and towels drip drying on the lanai!

Cheers to summer!

Are your kids out of school yet? Today was our last day… hooray!