High-Maintenance Mama

I did it and went back to days of being a high maintenance mama.  I am now convinced that mom's get their hair colored or fake fingernails not to simply look or feel pretty or be up with the trends or keep the years off or did I mention, just feel good about themselves?! No, I am convinced that mom's get their hair colored and fake nails put on because then it guarantees that they will have to take at least one to two hours every so often, for themselves, to get their hair touched up or nails … [Read more...]

Hana Ceramic Flat Iron from Misikko.com {Review & Giveaway}

Since having my wonderful and adorable children many things have changed in my life, and my hair didn't escape the mass overhaul.  My hair used to be stick straight.  We're talking, wouldn't hold a curl to save my life!  Even after hours upon hours in the salon undergoing a perm, I was only left with a burnt scalp and droopy curls, that I actually ended up straightening every day..go figure.  Yeah it was straight.  Of course I used to hate it.  Now?  Oh how I miss that gorgeous, virgin, straight … [Read more...]