I have this heavy feeling in my chest. It's anxiety but that good kind of anxiety, a 'happy-anxious' as I like to say. The kind that you feel when you look at your kids and you nearly burst at the seams with love, happiness and joy. It all started with this, when we went on an outrigger ride one Saturday. Just my keiki and me. My son had fallen in love with paddling on that day and declared that he wanted to take it up. Forget baseball, this Spring he was all about paddling. He asked about it … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Sunday mornings

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Camping at home

"The best thing about this mom, is that YOU don't have to pee in the woods!" -my 6 year old son Last night we opened our tent and posted it up on our lanai (that's a deck to anyone not in Hawaii). This offered the kids a "playhouse" mid afternoon and an awesome sleeping under the stars experience at night. Daddy wasn't feeling so hot so mommy (me!) got to hang with the kids. I've never seen my son want to go to bed so badly. After assuring both kids there was no such thing as Big Foot … [Read more...]

Beach break

There are few things better than an afternoon wind down at the beach... … [Read more...]

Magnificent Maui meets Magnificent horses

We headed up to the cabin a couple of weeks ago. Just for the day this time. It was fun... the usual slipping and sliding and Corona was had. Hammocks were swung and rocking chairs rocked. And then horses paid us a visit. Yes, HORSES! There's something about horses in the Maui mountains that just gets me. They make me giddy. Now, I'm no cowgirl, but from time to time I like dirt, trees, mountains and horses...I mean what girl doesn't like a pretty horse? After all, they are magnificent … [Read more...]