Cool Things to do with Tweens on Maui: Stand Up Paddling

Be sure to check out my other posts on "Things to do with Tweens on Maui" and share it on Twitter! Mahalo! Stand Up Paddling...or SUP to you and me I am a wife of a surfer so it pains me that I have to admit that I'm not the most adventurous person when it comes to certain water-related activities. Yes, I'm more of a sand spectator. I LOVE watching my husband surf but I'll admit I'm a wee bit afraid of waves, deep water and big swimming things in the sea. With that said, this past week I … [Read more...]

15 Things I Love About Living In Hawaii

1. That a bikini can and often does replace a bra. 2. That fast food is grabbing some poke and chop sticks at the grocery store (Foodland Farms in Lahaina is my fave poke) 3. Shower time for the kids is taken at the beach park after swimming in the ocean (every once in a while they take a shower at home. Just kidding. Sort of, seriously in the summer when we live at the beach, the beach shower is our shower) 4. People let you in when you are driving. Almost to a fault, they will totally … [Read more...]

Back in time… Honokowai Valley, West Maui

Sunday we went on a little adventure to find the Honokowai Valley in West Maui. This tucked away village, just miles away from the busy Honoapiilani Highway, dates back to 1200 AD. It was filled with all sorts of natural beauties...from the gorgeous native Hawaiian hibiscus to the karo (taro) growing along the flowing creek, and huge kukui trees dropping their fruit overhead. We went looking for it on our own, but YOU can actually visit, and help restore, this magical Valley on your next trip … [Read more...]

Random Travel Thoughts from The Ohana Mama

We are back in Aloha land.  The trip home started with a little drama but ended with warm trade winds blowing my hair...California was fantastic and being back home on Maui is even better. Here are my random thoughts from yesterday's travels...Two kids, 5+ hours on a plane and ME.... Leave plenty of time for possible police chases that will close your freeway down and cause you to make a u-turn on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles (it was kinda cool that I got to break the law...oh to be a … [Read more...]

Homesickness, being settled, and a boy discovering and falling for some Hawaii waves

It's only natural that I am a tad homesick at the moment.  This is normal, usual, par for the course after a trip back to your home town where you are surrounded by loving friends and family and being in ultra familiar surroundings. Right? Yes I've been a tad down since returning back to Maui and it's taken just a bit to get my island feet back steady on the rock.  In these times I start to question, "How long should we stay here?" I start to get antsy and think to myself, and aloud to my … [Read more...]